Nino Thibaudet
Nino Thibaudet 15 hours ago
Man I can not describe how proud I am to support this organisation, thank you for making me discover football and now how to overcome adversity with method, patience and hardwork. Y’all are an exemple for me and I am definetly thankful for what you are doing. Dawg pound forever 🧡🖤🤍🖤🧡 Your biggest fan in France
AntonyStrus 17 hours ago
I flipping love this team! ❤❤❤
Justin Mix
Justin Mix 19 hours ago
I do not know a single person in Detroit (including myself, times 10) that does not f#%kin love the damn Browns. Cleveland is the second favorite team of every single one of my friends too lol. And I think we’re just gettin it goin this year like them in 2016 🤘
Dicken Nuggets
Dicken Nuggets 20 hours ago
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas 21 hour ago
They think you have the dog on you. Beautiful things to be.
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas 22 hours ago
Hey Mr. Felton Your in the right place!
abhi Sh
abhi Sh 22 hours ago
If you don't cry after watching this especially the last 5 minutes then you ain't a dawg!
En Sabah Nur
En Sabah Nur 22 hours ago
All that bad tackling.
carebear Day ago
Yo can you like talk about the browns and some actual football please
Hezkie Day ago
baker really write down the goals.
Larry Bedouin
Larry Bedouin Day ago
I love the baby in the Browns helmet. An instant classic 👌
Malone michael
Malone michael Day ago
Omg talk about the browns !
Nick Floris
Nick Floris Day ago
Yes we are still here from before the move waiting in the side lines. Thank you.
Nick Floris
Nick Floris Day ago
Even got to LSU
Navaros Day ago
god i love jim donovan so much
Nick Floris
Nick Floris Day ago
Used to Browns meant Defense but that has changed. Babe !!!
james frazier
james frazier Day ago
Not even a Browns fan but I watch every episode
Tony Maselli
Tony Maselli Day ago
easily the most enjoyable years of my browns fanhood. I was so young when bernie was leading the browns to the afc title games in 87, 88 and 90. now i can watch with my son who is 5 (my age back then) and enjoy the hell out of this run.
mocklemore 97
mocklemore 97 Day ago
Let us pray the NFL doesn't rig the Browns... AGAIN
Justin Hartley
Justin Hartley Day ago
I love the deadpan Seinfeld reference at 12:42.
Sandra Gordon
Sandra Gordon Day ago
LeBron, Jesse Owens, Jim Brown...Machine Gun Kelly??? Whatta reach.
Jake ODell
Jake ODell Day ago
Nadia Davis
Nadia Davis Day ago
Why am I crying watching this ?! 😭
Christopher Carton
Christopher Carton Day ago
Just interesting trying to imagine him in the league about 30 years later, when everyone else on the field was bigger and faster. Obviously, DB's back then had no chance against him, but you can even see that most LB's couldn't handle him, so it really didn't matter if he ran between tackles or not. I would expect that today's DB's would still be in a world of hurt with him, but some LB's could at least keep him from breaking off some of the big plays. Still, you can see on every play here by the way he held the ball away from his body and prepared to juke his next victim that he knew how much better he was than everyone else on that field. I don't think he would be any less confident in any era, and he would almost certainly take full advantage of modern strength and conditioning to make sure he had every advantage possible. Particularly cool seeing the runs after catch, because he still looks like he just got a handoff and is ready to fight for every last yard, even if he got the first down. Most RB's who were great receivers would take what was there after the catch, but would simply not test their luck like this, as their coaches would prefer.
Matthew Keane
Matthew Keane Day ago
Some real mature talented players they picked up here. Watch out for them brownies this season!
Brett Tanner-Williams
Brett Tanner-Williams Day ago
Him coming off the edge hair hanging out of helmet-California cool putting the wood to numerous unaware qbs,him and Bruce,toughness and grace personified.
Stealth 75
Stealth 75 Day ago
Myles is fucking huge bro Jesus
James Taylor
James Taylor Day ago
these tools talk endlessly about golf and their vacations. Zegura whines about not getting golf in because of his job!!! poor baby!!! why don't you just quit then!!! hundreds of people would line up for your job and do it a heck of a lot better than these 2!!!
James Taylor
James Taylor Day ago
@Snap Malloy I know, I try as well but I could care less about their golf game and where they went for vacation.
Snap Malloy
Snap Malloy Day ago
I have tried listening so many times and each time I say I can't do it. It's like listening to two douchebags at the bar talking loudly about their lives. There are so many good podcast out there with guys that actually know the game
Show Time
Show Time 2 days ago
Football season can’t get here fast enough !!!! WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! WOOF !!!!
Ethan Deere
Ethan Deere 2 days ago
And Marvin Wilson
Kevin James
Kevin James 2 days ago
Not a Browns fan but I enjoy watching this series. Cleveland is gonna be a legit contender for a while
James Reinig
James Reinig 2 days ago
Myles does so much for Cleveland. I'm glad he's on my team. He's a special person 🤎🧡
Bryce Z
Bryce Z 2 days ago
That's awesome
Ernest Baddger
Ernest Baddger 2 days ago
He's the Best Linebacker Drafted, You'll See Watch,He plays 3, Yes 3 positions
James Reinig
James Reinig 2 days ago
They drafted smart athletic dawgs. You see that in every single pick.
Ernest Baddger
Ernest Baddger 2 days ago
He Ain't Going Anywhere, Believe That, Not With Andrew Berry In Control
Fode Toure
Fode Toure 2 days ago
I hope that when the Cleveland browns win the super bowl that at the trophy ceremony Andrew Berry holds up the Lombardi trophy and say “hey, of waiting?” Before he hoists it above his shoulders!!! 🏆 🐶 🏈 #BELIEVELAND
Afro Dylan
Afro Dylan 2 days ago
y’all remember the name Dylan Bartell. imma make it there.
Derrick Green
Derrick Green 2 days ago
Why isn’t this man coaching quarterbacks somewhere? I was at that 49ers game where he threw that pass to Michael Jackson.
Garrett Hoffman
Garrett Hoffman 2 days ago
haha after the 3 round pick, stefanski and andrew berry dap each other up
Callisto 405
Callisto 405 2 days ago
When you are named after the greatest coach of all time, Paul Brown, your team is destined for greatness
Stephen Mock
Stephen Mock 2 days ago
I actually saw people on message boards that were mad that we didn't pick up JOK at 26...... How silly they must feel! :-)
HookinBassOH28 2 days ago
Welcome to the Land
Steve Yoerger
Steve Yoerger 2 days ago
Rookie of the yr
corysagaming 2 days ago
This just feels like destiny. Paul Brown was the original football nerd. The greatest football nerd of all time. His nerditude literally reshaped the game we are watching. We went back to our nerd roots and the football gods are going to reward us handsomely. Andrew and Kevin and the rest of the nerds are straight up killing it.
JoJo White
JoJo White 2 days ago
WHAT A DRAFT!!!! With Anthony you'd have to expect no stage is too big. The kid has traveled Europe competing in track & field events. Just another step for him. Loved how MGK just dropped the mic.
Khari Wallace
Khari Wallace 2 days ago
Question: if Odell and Baker struggle this year but the team still wins the conference do we move on or keep them and hope for the best?
Will Derkacs
Will Derkacs 2 days ago
*built the browns*
John Zelonis
John Zelonis 2 days ago
First time listening very good takes. I didn't know if you'd ever get to football alot of random talk about weather etc lol..
Wes Bee
Wes Bee Day ago
Lol. I hear you. But it’s off-season. It’s normal. I embrace the ‘off topic’ convo because I feel like I get to know these guys better as people.
Guts 2 days ago
Yeah, they go off topic a lot in the off-season when there's not much football news happening.. But we usually chat about football in the live chat.
Al Brown
Al Brown 2 days ago
Mic'd up is the best shit ever,I luv the comradery and #13 #80 having the time of they life out there wit each other😎
Bud Wilson
Bud Wilson 2 days ago
Been a Browns fan for almost 40 years now!!! GO BROWNS!! The time has come for the Browns to be Crowned!!
Don Barron
Don Barron 2 days ago
This team is on fire! Let's go, Brownies! 2021 is our year.
Tim Omalley
Tim Omalley 2 days ago
Cef Grima
Cef Grima 2 days ago
I love seeing the family reactions, first thought, there's that many more Browns fans ;)
Sam Young
Sam Young 2 days ago
Why does it look like Coach K been in the weight room O.o
Levi P
Levi P 2 days ago
4:59 - Picks up mask that he has been breathing into and puts it on. Then proceeds to shake hands with Stefanski, using the same hands that he put it nasty mask on with. Now when Stefansky goes to take off his mask, he's getting those germs/viruses closer to his mouth. See how utterly useless the mask thing is? Nice pick though.
George Condoleon
George Condoleon 2 days ago
The Browns finally have their “Money” down defense. Between the UFA signings, Draft picks and Healthy returners from last season, they finally have their 3rd down defense to get off the field this upcoming season! Their 1st & 2nd down defense wasn’t that bad. But the lack of 3rd down defense was brutal. They fixed their offense last year, now they’ve fixed their defense this year. Kudos to this Front Office, Coaching Staff and Ownership Group for finally figuring it out! Go Browns!!
Jim Harris
Jim Harris 2 days ago
You are right on with that 3rd down D. That was their biggest problem all year by far.
Tim G
Tim G 2 days ago
I see that St. X helmet on the desk of Chad O'Shea.
realist movement
realist movement 2 days ago
APlus Dawgpound
mkeogh76 2 days ago
3:45 Four years ago, no player and his family would react that way. Sure, happy to be drafted, but no way we see that level of enthusiasm about hearing where. Myles, Baker, Coach Stefanski and all the others (Chubb, Landry, Ward, Hunt ect.) have completely changed the perceptions of the Cleveland Browns.
Savannah O'Neill
Savannah O'Neill 2 days ago
So glad to have Newsome, JOK and Schwartz and the rest of the draft picks. 🧡🤎🧡
Coach Humph
Coach Humph 21 hour ago
@Larry Bedouin cool, I didn't know that was his nickname
Larry Bedouin
Larry Bedouin Day ago
@Coach Humph Schwartz = Flash
Coach Humph
Coach Humph 2 days ago
Newsome, Wu and Scwartz can definitely cause problems for the teams on the schedule including the Chiefs.
Ax G
Ax G 2 days ago
Vikings really lost out on a generational coach.....Typical
Gregory Rhoades
Gregory Rhoades 2 days ago
Great Draft again!!!
Gabriel Guzman
Gabriel Guzman 2 days ago
Browns exposed the Chiefs in the divisional playoffs they should of won
Ghost 2 days ago
Koramoah going with a DB number
Dub Deuce
Dub Deuce 2 days ago
A year later... seems this pick was a win.
john ciummo
john ciummo 2 days ago
I am 74 years old and from Ohio. Been a fan of pro football all my life. No one and I mean no one can compare to Jim Brown. The greatest running back of all-time. Younger fans don’t realize that when Jim played defenses were geared to stop the run. Passing was hard. Offensive lineman were not allowed to grab and hold like they do today. Defensive backs could bump a receiver on his route until the ball left the quarterbacks hand. The run game was all important. No artificial turf to provide perfect conditions even in bad weather. Brown played on grass. Many times the stadiums were also baseball fields with runners playing on dirt and mud. You watch the old films and you see players covered in mud. Todays player’s uniforms are never even dirty after a game in bad weather. Plus no indoor stadiums to create perfect playing conditions. Jim Brown was a “freak of nature”. He was and still is the Babe Ruth of football. You can make the case that he is the greatest athlete of all time. Greatest football player. Considered the greatest college lacrosse player in college history. Ran track and played basketball at Syracuse. It’s to bad todays fans could’t see him play. My son was the center on his high school football team which won two state divisional super bowls,has one picture in his room and it’s one of Jim Brown. The man!!
Chance D Harris
Chance D Harris 2 days ago
Lessss Goooooo Browns...
Michael Graves
Michael Graves 2 days ago
It's is such a great feeling to be a browns fan!!!
Jeremy Gregorek
Jeremy Gregorek 2 days ago
I CAN NOT WAIT for this season to start!!!!
Glenn Chaffin
Glenn Chaffin 2 days ago
At 19:22 Tommy T is celebrating the Cleveland Browns picking him and in the background you can see a couple of bongs. I hope that's not an issue in the future. I think he has a good chance of being a starter by the end of the season.
Damen M
Damen M Day ago
@Larry Bedouin I’m glad I saw the comment and noticed 💀
Larry Bedouin
Larry Bedouin Day ago
Talk about jumping to a conclusion based on a false assumption.
Damen M
Damen M 2 days ago
I think they’re confetti cannons. The next scene you can see one go off
notta cracka
notta cracka 2 days ago
Man they got a steal in LeCounte. He's a little inconsistent, but when he's on he's one of the best dbs there is, and hits like a truck.
Pjotr 2 days ago
Hard to keep the excitement in check really
Phillipp Eckermann
Phillipp Eckermann 2 days ago
16:40 cold
Mike Morrisey
Mike Morrisey 2 days ago
“With the 132nd pick of the 2021 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select Tommy Togiai, defensive tackle, THE Ohio State University.” Good lord. I loved hearing that “THE”. AB knows what he’s doing and I absolutely love watching him work. Phenomenal draft. Go Browns!
Larry Bedouin
Larry Bedouin Day ago
Takumi5ive 2 days ago
I so love my Browns!!
Cory C
Cory C 2 days ago
I’m happy for you too!!! Only a future Brown HOF would say some shit like that.
Keith Brooks
Keith Brooks 2 days ago
They gone be trouble enough said!!!
Dicken Nuggets
Dicken Nuggets 2 days ago
Andrew Berry and his wife have a kid Thursday morning, and the dude still comes to work a few hours later and knocks it out of the park at the draft. What a champ.