Andrew Berry & Kevin Stefanski | End of Draft Day 3 Press Conference

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Cleveland Browns

12 days ago

Andrew Berry and Kevin Stefanski address the media following day 3 of the 2021 NFL Draft.

Frank Y
Frank Y 12 hours ago
Ms TMZ is so insufferable.
MJ Beastly
MJ Beastly 8 days ago
I love the simple fact that they know our media is retarded, and they have fun with them , just like Baker last year!!!
MJ Beastly
MJ Beastly 8 days ago
I absolutely love these guys!!! I've never felt better about entering a season, including the 80's!!!
Antwainel Gott
Antwainel Gott 8 days ago
Can we just fire Mary Kay Cabot already I’m NEVER sure who she’s wit us or the other team with these dumb ass questions she ask
Allen F.
Allen F. 8 days ago
Love it - get them on campus.
Allen F.
Allen F. 7 days ago
AND stayed true to the process.
therealallpro 8 days ago
I love Morey so much because he nvr gives corporate answers like these ones 🤦🏽‍♀️
palmettoOH1 9 days ago
Mary Kay can never ask simple question
Thomas Hunt
Thomas Hunt 9 days ago
Did a reporter really ask them to explain why they want speed on their team?
Allen F.
Allen F. 7 days ago
It was kind of a "mixed" question.
Tony Lumia
Tony Lumia 9 days ago
The Cleveland Browns have an outstanding roster, General Manager and Head Coach. But I have zero faith in Baker Mayfield. Don't hold your breath, fans. As usual, he will blow it big time....
Allen F.
Allen F. 7 days ago
He doesn't have to throw the "hero ball" anymore. He has the weapons AND the coaching. Just make the plays and DON'T turn it over. He's ready for this. He did his job last season and now has to be feeling nothing but positive.
Ronald Cox
Ronald Cox 9 days ago
Wow am I impressed by this regime they are making it real easy to get excited about this season, speed kills but the ND linebacker was a steal I’m glad they traded up to get him and Newsome kind of reminds me of Denzel in his style of play !! Congratulations on a great draft and GO BROWNS !!!!!!!!!!!
Leo Gerber
Leo Gerber 9 days ago
Fire Mary Kay please omfg
Lshawn 9 days ago
We have time for 3 more questions. 1 apiece. Mary Kay: coach these two are for you. She so annoying. I see why people hate her
Allen F.
Allen F. 7 days ago
Classic, isn't it?
Larry Bedouin
Larry Bedouin 9 days ago
Question: why are #10 Taylor, #18 Hall, #23 Sendejo, #54 Vernon and #93 Goodson still listed on the Browns home page roster? Is it such a demanding job that whosoever responsible for its up keep, to keep up with the editing of the roster cannot do his job?
Mark Bowman
Mark Bowman 10 days ago
We need to start thinking about center if you're thinking long-term
Bwaas 10 days ago
Some of the best shaved facial hair in the business!
K Aguilera
K Aguilera 10 days ago
John Rambo
John Rambo 10 days ago
Chill out on Mary K she is doing her job let her ask her questions stop picking on a 50 yr old lady.
Miller Home
Miller Home 10 days ago
Mary k should actually write her questions down........ her questions are like a middle school short story!!
James Reinig
James Reinig 10 days ago
These 2 are a match made in heaven. They are completely on the same page.. Same vibe.. They had an amazing draft, paper-wise.
Matthew Ross
Matthew Ross 10 days ago
This is so exciting and refreshing to see the synchronicity between Stefanski and Berry.
Allen F.
Allen F. 7 days ago
Well said - the are very much on the same page and this speaks volumes to a "team culture". It's about time!
Scott Florida
Scott Florida 10 days ago
Unles I'm in a quiet room I can never hear andrew berry, can we please turn his volume up? I would love to hear what he says
Marrriturnt 10 days ago
I know browns fans gonna be disappointed when there season is not going to turn out the way it’s supposed to be. Browns gonna be sitting happy 3rd in division. Steelers still king of the north🔥🔥🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤.
Marrriturnt 9 days ago
@Chi Red but who was king of the north🤔
Chi Red
Chi Red 9 days ago
Thats what y'all said last year 😂😂😂
BamBam Bigelow
BamBam Bigelow 10 days ago
Year 3 of consistency. No F'ing around outside anymore for players.
Cam Carey
Cam Carey 10 days ago
“We were playing tic tac toe”😂😂
John A Williams
John A Williams 9 days ago
I know right. Lmao!
Overtone 10 days ago
Kevin - "Does [Andrew Berry] look like a Wing-It guy?"
Paul Nicholas
Paul Nicholas 10 days ago
A year ago Chris Simms said the hiring of Kevin Stefanski made Cleveland Browns a dumpster fire! Well 12 win season and Coach of the year award later and I'm not sure he's fully apologised for that. Along with Cowherd calling Baker undraftable then going on to be Pro Football Writers Rookie of the year and taking the Browns to be one of the Best Offences from a 0-16 team within three years. But, people with an agenda will keep on doubting the Browns untill we see the Haslem's lifting the Lombardi.
Hero for Hire
Hero for Hire 10 days ago
I know that grading a draft is pointless, but this was an absolute home run! The roster was already stacked but to add this level of young talent without giving away anything...A+! GO BROWNS!🐶
Browns 05
Browns 05 10 days ago
God bless y’all t
Moneynvrsleeps 10 days ago
Mad Scientists, Creating a Monster, from the Basement to the Castle.
Dierkenzee 10 days ago
The Browns will be even better than last season.
God is Great
God is Great 10 days ago
I actually feel good going into this season.. plenty of depth on Defense
Cody Brooks
Cody Brooks 10 days ago
When coach isn’t talking it looks like he’s scheming in his head intensely 😂
aaron butler
aaron butler 10 days ago
See ya September. Ravensnation! RavensFlock!
TheJenesis B
TheJenesis B 10 days ago
MKC ain't stupid, y'all. She just be trying to be slick. It's so annoying
David Minor, The Death Shadow Guy
David Minor, The Death Shadow Guy 10 days ago
Most of these questions are stupid
PeteGunz 10 days ago
I was around for the Browns when the very first Monday Night game was ever broadcast on national TV. It's championship or bust every year
Robert Janko
Robert Janko 10 days ago
The guys we will be cutting would have made the 2016 team easily! The team did an ountstanding job and the new players will have time to grow and learn. Thats planning for tomorrow. Greets from germany
blakat777 10 days ago
This camp gonna be dog eat dog, alot of spots up for grabs, lots of talent and not enough roster spots,,,,quality problems....Go Dawgs
Calvin Lin
Calvin Lin 10 days ago
Just saw that The Browns signed Marvin Wilson from Florida State as an undrafted free agent. If he gets back to 2019 form, this would be a major steal.
Chris Read
Chris Read 10 days ago
These questions take longer to ask than the answers. These reporters must think they're the star of the show.
Ieiad Sabeiha
Ieiad Sabeiha 10 days ago
No Andrew thank you and Kevin you guys have given this franchise so much to look forward to for the next ten years. Also Andrew Berry needs to be are GM for the next 30 years best in the business.
Deivias 10 days ago
We know our offense is going to be good but i'm so excited to see our new defense.
Zachary De Sha
Zachary De Sha 10 days ago
This entire draft, Andrew Berry was SPOT ON with each pick: Newsome II at 26 was surprising, stealing JOK in Round 2 was a mindblower, & picking up Togiai makes the Buckeyes fan in me happy. Not to mention Schwartz from Auburn as a potential Tyreek 2.0 for the Browns. Amazing work done!
gnielsen07 10 days ago
& they signed Marvin Wilson who was a stud in college in 2018-19
Steve Yoerger
Steve Yoerger 10 days ago
You play tictactoe well.
DaV 27
DaV 27 10 days ago
Great draft! GO BROWNS
Ryan Bonds
Ryan Bonds 10 days ago
Mary “uh yeah” Kay Cabot. Every time.
ex tamzy
ex tamzy 10 days ago
They always ask the dumbest questions man, really lazy reporting.
The DadBod Angler
The DadBod Angler 10 days ago
I've never been more confident in a Front Office and Head Coach/Staff!! The collaboration, the focus, the intelligence, and the competence. We are so damn blessed to have this staff, with this roster!! What a difference to be an admired organization in the league! The Haslems definitely hit a home run!!
The DadBod Angler
The DadBod Angler 8 days ago
@MJ Beastly More like 20, but I'll take it.
MJ Beastly
MJ Beastly 8 days ago
Only after striking out for 10yrs, I guess even a blind squirrel finds a nut!!
Brian Ogden
Brian Ogden 10 days ago
Go browns
sundaynightdrunk 10 days ago
What's with the video quality? People using their phone get better video than this. It's like green-screen from the early 2000s.
Corky Brown
Corky Brown 10 days ago
Browns are team mates from top down now! That's tough to beat!
Patrick Igbeka
Patrick Igbeka 10 days ago
And people said we would get a linebacker Gets JOK
Jason Korpics
Jason Korpics 10 days ago
Rico Tubbs and Sunny Crockett!! 💪🏽💪🏽
Bill Billson
Bill Billson 10 days ago
People shit on mkc for dumb questions but Doug lesmerises asked Berry if he ever wings it lmao come on
BARRY NUGENT 11 days ago
I may or may not have been looking up hotels in that shithole of a city LA for next Feb! Super Bowl!!!!
OG Embrace
OG Embrace 11 days ago
How Mary Kay get to ask 2 questions everytime and they both be stupid 🤦🏿‍♂️
cantrell lee
cantrell lee 10 days ago
@Jim Harris 🔥
Jim Harris
Jim Harris 11 days ago
Maybe she thinks 2 wrongs make a write. lol.
Matt Trukovich
Matt Trukovich 11 days ago
These 2 are the two of the greatest browns of all time and they never even put on a smooth brown jersey and bright orange helmet
Allen F.
Allen F. 7 days ago
We can only hope - come February.
Matt Trukovich
Matt Trukovich 9 days ago
@X Ray I said 2 OF the greatest, but ya you’re right ab Paul Brown and Jim Brown they’re legends
X Ray
X Ray 9 days ago
Paul Brown is the greatest non player. Jim Brown is the greatest player....just saying
Lanturnt 11 days ago
Those were horrible questions. Andrew and Kevin handled them perfectly. I would have been agitated.
Allen F.
Allen F. 7 days ago
They're doing it with class and intelligence - and it's working.
Barry Edwards
Barry Edwards 11 days ago
Young GM. 1st year coach has his team do a 180 and head into 2 playoff games. Beat Pittsburgh in back to back games. I sense a dynasty in the making.
Allen F.
Allen F. 7 days ago
Can't have a dynasty until you begin it. This is a BIG year upcoming for the Browns. Here we go ...
gnielsen07 10 days ago
& they’re both under 40 years old....these guys are running the browns for next 20 years
carter da god
carter da god 11 days ago
Tommy Togiai is an absolute steal
Allen F.
Allen F. 7 days ago
Yep - think so. It will be fun to see him at work. And for a loooong time!
kmlevel 11 days ago
Thought the Carrier logo said Callahan for a minute hahaha
Adam Smith
Adam Smith 11 days ago
Crushed free agency and absolutely crushed the draft!!
Allen F.
Allen F. 7 days ago
Yep. Now let's crush the season, and ....
Nate Blair
Nate Blair 11 days ago
Bro wtf is wrong w MKCABOT
Jim Harris
Jim Harris 11 days ago
She should try to prepare ahead of time then maybe she wouldn't be so bad.
Mk L
Mk L 11 days ago
Absolutely meaningless press conference. There is no point to doing these, total waste of time. Although, the question about why speed and versatility guys were chosen was the icing on the "duh" questions cake. These guys have to fight the urge to roll their eyes so hard after these zoom messes and probably cannot wait to sign off.
Allen F.
Allen F. 7 days ago
Can you imagine their laughing after the pc?
timothy campbell
timothy campbell 11 days ago
How great it is to have such an awesome front office and head coach! Haven't seen anything this effective since the Schottenheimer era!
Julian Price
Julian Price 11 days ago
I barely snuck in as a browns fan to not be called a bandwagon 2017
Dicken Nuggets
Dicken Nuggets 10 days ago
Lol doesn’t matter if/when you hop on the bandwagon, just make sure you don’t fall off if things get bumpy. The Browns fan base is one of the best and most loyal in the NFL👍
Petey 10 days ago
Same. 2018 is where I started to like football lol. I didn’t know what teams I liked but I got my dog in Cleveland and I became a brown
Patrick Igbeka
Patrick Igbeka 10 days ago
Not going to cap became a browns fan this year but started week 1. I’m OU fan and Baker is my favorite QB. And really wasn’t into college football anymore being currently in college
Jim Harris
Jim Harris 11 days ago
Welcome from a Browns fan as long as I knew football. 72.
Tom Stakely
Tom Stakely 11 days ago
Does the drafting of Togiai doom the resigning of Richardson??? Go Browns!!!
Allen F.
Allen F. 7 days ago
@Jim Harris Good call on that.
Jim Harris
Jim Harris 11 days ago
I would not think so because the coaches want competition.
Tao Hsieh
Tao Hsieh 11 days ago
Support from Taiwan. Go Browns!!!
creatine gains
creatine gains 11 days ago
Love Cleveland but today was absolutely horrible . Couldn’t think of a worse place to have a draft what a joke
Mar-Cel English
Mar-Cel English 11 days ago
Great draft, but I really want to know why tony fields over jabril cox or even dylan moses.
Derek Ciszek
Derek Ciszek 9 days ago
I was wondering the same thing.
G S 10 days ago
They passed over jamar Jackson too
Neil Smith
Neil Smith 11 days ago
Myles gonna have 15+ sacks this year!!!
Jesse Warshak
Jesse Warshak 10 days ago
20+. Hopefully a full season. Not getting doubled/tripled every play. Teams will be passing more against us. Plus the extra game.
Stanley Pennock
Stanley Pennock 11 days ago
DeVonte Mack no matter what! LOL Great draft and UFA signings too!
Fantasy Hilt
Fantasy Hilt 11 days ago
LOL Mary Kay is the fkn worst
Dave V
Dave V 11 days ago
The media's narrative that the Browns were going to just give our picks away obviously didn't learn the lesson of the last 2 decades of failed front offices! the Browns are back and you better believe it!
Dave V
Dave V 11 days ago
The entire front office shocked Browns Nation with a detailed plan that was pulled off brilliantly and it is something fans of the Browns are not used to in any draft. There were prospects for every type of fan in this draft....Speed, explosiveness, and frankly, very good likeable players as well. I think this is like the 1978 draft with Clay Mathews and Ozzie Newsome.... We're getting spoiled because Browns Fans can understand the moves as they are selected in every room. Super Bowl is a real possibility if we stay healthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WoW............................
Allen F.
Allen F. 7 days ago
And execute everything one game at a time. I have big aspirations for this year. REALLY curious if the Browns are a featured team on the various other-than-Sundays (Thursday, Monday and Sunday nights).
Cement_ YT
Cement_ YT 11 days ago
This is kinda unrelated but Jim Donovan is the 🐐. He epitomizes the browns for me in these past couple seasons as they’ve been on the rise, and it’s great to follow along with him and all the browns fans
Allen F.
Allen F. 7 days ago
I still have Terry P. in there as well. I always read him (on the Browns).
Mr.Ohydro 9 days ago
@Travis Moorman ❤❤❤❤
Travis Moorman
Travis Moorman 9 days ago
Yea, man. Jimmy is the best.
Dicken Nuggets
Dicken Nuggets 10 days ago
@Chunky Hebrew solid lineup, my friend. Go browns!
Mr.Ohydro 11 days ago
He is the best thing in cleveland 💪💪💪💪
Pwee-Is-Gr8 11 days ago
S.T.F.U. Mary K... She and Toni are just a joke
K Aguilera
K Aguilera 9 days ago
Greg Ehlers
Greg Ehlers 11 days ago
Just need to say that we Browns fans feel short-changed by the inept sports reporting of the Browns Beat reporters. Maybe this FO can address that next!!
Ray Garman
Ray Garman 11 days ago
Between Mary k and sports talk radio in this town..except’s sad
Daniel Pen
Daniel Pen 11 days ago
Took 21 years, but it's finally happened folks. We have a real gm and head coach. They're both in lockstep and only in their 30s. They have a chance to start a dynasty here. It all depends if Baker can continue progressing instead of regressing like in his sophomore slump.
Benjamin H
Benjamin H 11 days ago
How many times do you need to see this Cleveland, but get rid of Mary K. Literally every video you post, the fans are trying to tell you that she is awful. Listen to the questions she asks. She’s in it only to instigate, not build the team. No one cares about her garbage. Move on for goodness sakes... Teams cut players for less.
K Aguilera
K Aguilera 9 days ago
💯💯👍👍well said sir !!
Shrum Media
Shrum Media 11 days ago
The entire Cleveland Browns fanbase hates Mary Kay!!! #GetMaryKayOutOfCleveland
K Aguilera
K Aguilera 9 days ago
John A Williams
John A Williams 9 days ago
Could you just uh talk about uh you know how you feel the entire Cleveland browns fan base hates me and uh just talk about that a little. Lmao!
John Rambo
John Rambo 10 days ago
I feel bad for her I'm sure she has family watching take it easy on her let her ask her goofy questions.
Michael Matthew
Michael Matthew 11 days ago
Good job! Ready for the season!!
Daimon Richardson
Daimon Richardson 11 days ago
Been a BROWNS FAN a long time, ALL BS aside from top to bottom this is by far "THE MOST TALENTED BROWNS TEAM I'VE EVER SEEN".
X Ray
X Ray 9 days ago
@Daimon Richardson ...some Browns fan
Daimon Richardson
Daimon Richardson 9 days ago
@X Ray I said that IVE seen, I'm older but not that DAMN old....😂🤣😁
X Ray
X Ray 9 days ago
Lmao what about the Browns team that won 10 straight championships? You are a dreamer
Fantasy Hilt
Fantasy Hilt 11 days ago
Easily my man! Tis a great time to be alive 🍻
Tranquility Base
Tranquility Base 11 days ago
Kevin looks so focused
SHAWN GAO 11 days ago
They should have a master class of public speaking, answering the question without giving anything out I mean common.
gnielsen07 10 days ago
They’re both Ivy League guys ... we have some geniuses running the browns . Not to mention Paul depodesta in front office too (also Ivy League, money ball guy)
Karen Kapalko
Karen Kapalko 11 days ago
Thanks to all the Staff of the Draft & Browns
Luke Dahnke
Luke Dahnke 11 days ago
This was an amazing draft
Michael Pescador
Michael Pescador 11 days ago
DAWG CHECK!! Congratulations to the new Browns draftees! Put in that WORK. Man, I'm glad I pick the Browns as my new team. F them LAss Chargers. Browns fan from SD. Let's go!!!
Allen F.
Allen F. 7 days ago
And you completely understand the feeling when your team goes away. It's going to be an exciting year. The Browns will play the Chargers in LA this year - so go to see them!
Jim Harris
Jim Harris 11 days ago
Dave Lower
Dave Lower 11 days ago
Everyone asks intelligent questions until Mary Kay steps up, she is embarrassing
Allen F.
Allen F. 8 days ago
They shook her off really well here - with smiles.
Edward Gaines
Edward Gaines 8 days ago
@Calvin Sparks It's funny that everybody on _92.3 The Fan_ kisses her ass when she comes on radio.
Calvin Sparks
Calvin Sparks 9 days ago
Mary Kay is a fucking Buzz Kill.
Bobby Mechling
Bobby Mechling 10 days ago
Mary Kay "TMZ" Cabot
Jon Habart
Jon Habart 10 days ago
Lol I read your comment and waited until her turn came up. And yep. Couldn’t agree more. I cannot stand her and the questions she asks
Bailey Mallchok
Bailey Mallchok 11 days ago
Hey, somebody tell Coach Stefanski that the draft is over. Dude is locked in.😅
Dylan Justison
Dylan Justison 11 days ago
I love our front office and coaching staff. Im 26 so this is my first taste of competent football. This is so much fun! Thank you Andrew Berry and Kevin Stefanski.
RS64 11 days ago
Great job Fellas !!!!
erick smith
erick smith 11 days ago
Still don't have a dt that would start on any other nfl team...
erick smith
erick smith 11 days ago
@Ryan Walshcinn didn't want billing back..and was partt of the worst defenses in the league
erick smith
erick smith 11 days ago
@Ryan Walsh Jackson was a backup last season...
Bobby Miller
Bobby Miller 11 days ago
If that isn't the closest thing to MKCabot
Nick Howard
Nick Howard 11 days ago
That's the second dumb take ive seen you put out I ain't even gonna flame you just smh
Ryan Walsh
Ryan Walsh 11 days ago
And Andrew Billings
erick smith
erick smith 11 days ago
Both lsu receivers are most likely gone after this year... and higgs signs a multi year deal
G Vell TV
G Vell TV 10 days ago
@Joshua Chuks ^
Nick Howard
Nick Howard 10 days ago
Soo you're point is?
Joshua Chuks
Joshua Chuks 10 days ago
@Nick Howard Browns want to speed at WR and Landry at his fastest was a 4.6 guy. At this point he plays like an elite pass-catching TE. Killer short to medium, but can’t be a deep threat.
Adam Mosser
Adam Mosser 10 days ago
Well next draft their are two WR from OSU Olave and Garrett which could replace Landry and Beckham. I would keep Landry
Nick Howard
Nick Howard 11 days ago
Odell maybe but not juice he'll be a brown at least 3yrs more watch
9 9 9
9 9 9 11 days ago
I feel like Michael Scott and Mary Kay is Toby. Me (to Mary Kay): I hate everything that you choose to be... Why are you the way that you are?
Q Horton
Q Horton 9 days ago
Great analogy
Nick Howard
Nick Howard 10 days ago
Lol I could see it
Ethan Lersch
Ethan Lersch 10 days ago
Nick Howard grossi is Gabe
Nick Howard
Nick Howard 11 days ago
Bruh 100 or grossi is
Javon Staples
Javon Staples 11 days ago
She’s definitely Toby 💀
S G 11 days ago
It’s almost like Grossi wants to start drama. What a clown
Jim Harris
Jim Harris 11 days ago
He should of been born an old women.
John Wise
John Wise 11 days ago
One of the best things about Baker’s pressers is no Grossi
Ge Mail
Ge Mail 11 days ago
Great solid picks 👍
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones 11 days ago
As a Browns Fan, I am totally Shocked, the Browns have accumulated more Talent than any Football team in the History of the National Football League!!!🐾🔥
Allen F.
Allen F. 8 days ago
Now they need to take it all the way to the BIG game and win that! They have been building this all so well.
Youtube Guy
Youtube Guy 9 days ago
Maybe so.
David Connor
David Connor 11 days ago
Ya'll know that one commercial that goes "turn to the nerds"? That's what the Browns did. Lol! I love it!
Jason Cooper
Jason Cooper 11 days ago
Sooooo... We're not gonna be giving up 550 yards passing every game?
Youtube Guy
Youtube Guy 9 days ago
We now could have a top secondary. We'll have a good defense all around next year the question is how good.
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