Demetric Felton hears from Andrew Berry, Kevin Stefanski and ownership | Cleveland Browns

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Cleveland Browns

12 days ago

Demetric Felton hears from General Manager Andrew Berry, Head Coach Kevin Stefanski, and ownership as the Browns select him with the 211th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.


Robert Janko
Robert Janko 8 days ago
I have the same feeling that I had with Jamie Gillan. He has a chance and I think, he has the potential to make the team.
Edward Gaines
Edward Gaines 8 days ago
I don't mind AB and Kevin saying the same thing. This ain't Hollywood, no need for entertainment. Just welcome in all this talent!
Guts 10 days ago
No personality on Berry and Stefanski's part, at all. Lol Kinda reminds you of local newscasters, and makes you wonder if they have that same robotic personality off camera.
Andrew Wiseman
Andrew Wiseman 10 days ago
Dude seems humble and hungry. Dangerous combination
Dan Rini
Dan Rini 10 days ago
Respect and appreciation! Two traits that will take that kid far. I LIKE a him. Let’s GO BROWNS
c dot
c dot 10 days ago
He’s gonna make the best of his opportunity trust me!
Hatters House 710
Hatters House 710 11 days ago
UCLA fan here. You guys got a good one. Good luck to him
TJ110 11 days ago
Nobody: Andrew Berry "YoU tiReD oF WaTinG aRoUnD?!?!"
Anthony Voss
Anthony Voss 11 days ago
I'm liking all these preference was overlooked but I have faith that AB and coach know what they're doing
Splak _
Splak _ 11 days ago
we only drafted 8 guys. I'm taking it upon myself to write at least 8 different scripts for AB and coach for next year's draft. they gotta mix it up a little.
Dicken Nuggets
Dicken Nuggets 10 days ago
Lol hey man, if that’s our biggest issue after three days of drafting then we’re doing pretty damn well👍
Neil Smith
Neil Smith 11 days ago
Seems like a nice person! Time to kick butt on the field!!!
iTzReplayz 23
iTzReplayz 23 11 days ago
Let’s Gooooooooooooo welcome to Cleveland
Moneynvrsleeps 11 days ago
Robert Brelson
Robert Brelson 11 days ago
Andrew "Tired of waiting around" Berry and Kevin "Ready to work" Stefanski
Edward Gaines
Edward Gaines 8 days ago
@Scott Joseph Both of you go to Hell. This is Browns country!
Guts 10 days ago
@Brady Dante Y'all was doing this same comment tactic with your "Instagram hacking" thing. Guess this is y'all's new scam now?
Bald Ryuji
Bald Ryuji 10 days ago
@Scott Joseph lmao
meech delante
meech delante 11 days ago
Thats what happens when you hire robots who have perfected football operations.
Raymond 11 days ago
Lol AB needs a new opening phrase 😂
Grant Nestor
Grant Nestor 10 days ago
____________, how we doing man? You tired of waiting around?😂
Travis Hoffman
Travis Hoffman 11 days ago
It gets worse the later in the draft they pick - unintentionally cruel, really.
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