2021 Browns NFL Draft Recap | Cleveland Browns

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Cleveland Browns

10 days ago

See all of the Browns picks from the 2021 NFL Draft!
Round 1: No. 26 - Greg Newsome II, CB, Northwestern
Round 2: No. 52 - Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, LB, Notre Dame
Round 3: No. 91 - Anthony Schwartz, WR, Auburn
Round 4: No. 110 - James Hudson III, OT, Cincinnati
Round 4: No. 132 - Tommy Togiai, DT, Ohio State
Round 5: No. 153 - Tony Fields II, LB, West Virginia
Round 5: No. 169 - Richard LeCounte III, S, Georgia
Round 6: No. 211 - Demetric Felton, WR, UCLA

Dub Johnson
Dub Johnson 3 days ago
So weird.. . .:)
Mr.Ohydro 8 days ago
Veremalus 8 days ago
Vyrez Beatz
Vyrez Beatz 8 days ago
Malik McDowell just added to the line. Wow... Shit is real. Getting a bit out of hand here right now 🤣 This is too much. I say Superbowl.
ant carter
ant carter 8 days ago
Let's goooo
Larry Bedouin
Larry Bedouin 8 days ago
Nice Draft.
Mark Raines
Mark Raines 8 days ago
This is just an AWESOME class of men
Youngstown Strangler Strange
Youngstown Strangler Strange 9 days ago
We gonna be great this year DAWGs
C Jizzle BMG
C Jizzle BMG 9 days ago
Great draft by us
Brennan 9 days ago
great draft
makavelliibrz_11 9 days ago
Best Browns draft picks since 2018 !
ASMR James
ASMR James 9 days ago
Evan L
Evan L 9 days ago
I am low-key excited about Anthony Schwartz more than anybody we drafted
Daniel Rubio-Gamez
Daniel Rubio-Gamez 9 days ago
Raiders,Browns,Bills have the best fan bases 🙏🏼💯🔥
Isaiah Jones
Isaiah Jones 9 days ago
I think Felton has a good chance to be our version of a devin Hester
bean salad
bean salad 9 days ago
IN ANDREW BERRY WE TRUST❤️❤️❤️ what a draft brownies.
Chad Frasier
Chad Frasier 9 days ago
Unknown_Individual 9 days ago
Guys like JOK aren’t your traditional linebackers. This Browns defense is something dangerous in the making. They are a new wave of defensive structure in the NFL. Dynamic. Creative. Flexible. Multi position athletes all working together on the field to dominate new era QBs, being able to shift in and out of traditional positions. Anybody who doesn’t have the IQ of Tom Brady is going to have to start watching more film to combat this new era defensive front.
Robert Janko
Robert Janko 7 days ago
We will give Lamar and Mahomes reason to have tears in their eyes! Greets from germany
Jim Harris
Jim Harris 9 days ago
The Browns are the thieves of the NFL. Now get to work. Go Browns!
Daniel VanHorn
Daniel VanHorn 9 days ago
Did anyone else witness the incredible HULK was a cleveland brown!!!!!!
Daniel VanHorn
Daniel VanHorn 9 days ago
Superbrowns superbowl
Jason Young
Jason Young 9 days ago
Great draft
Burck Family
Burck Family 9 days ago
Here we go Brownies here we go Woohoo 📣
mxchaelvfx 9 days ago
ab is a magician
John Gucci Ball
John Gucci Ball 9 days ago
When they announced Togiai I was screaming 😂 what a steal on day 3
Martin Cooper
Martin Cooper Day ago
@Uriah Bowie yea, I have been watching on flixzone for months myself :)
Uriah Bowie
Uriah Bowie Day ago
a trick: watch movies at Flixzone. I've been using it for watching loads of movies these days.
bean salad
bean salad 9 days ago
He’s a great prospect, but still a raw talent. Give him 2 seasons under the browns coaching and I think he will be a FANTASTIC plyer
Nickolas Chubbington
Nickolas Chubbington 9 days ago
Big W of a draft😤
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