Kwesi Adofo-Mensah | Anthony Schwartz Post Pick Press Conference

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Cleveland Browns

13 days ago

Vice President of Football Operations Kwesi Adofo-Mensah addresses the media following the selection of wide receiver Anthony Schwartz as the 91st overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Jake Lozano
Jake Lozano 5 days ago
Man Kwesi CLE media staff sound unintelligent.
Will 6 days ago
Starting at 7:06 confirmed just what kind of management team we have now! WOW!!!!!!!!!!
Adam Jellani
Adam Jellani 8 days ago
I like Anthony but I was hoping we waited a round and got the wr buffalo drafted.. Stevenson
Adam Jellani
Adam Jellani 8 days ago
Bryce Z
Bryce Z 10 days ago
Odell Beckman
James Mates
James Mates 10 days ago
Most people just do not understand Anthony"s speed, he set a world record at 17 in the 100 meter. This is the fastest man in the NFL, at any position. Every Brown fan should go watch the 4 part series on him at Auburn Tigers on AL , com page on youtube. Very good series.
Chad Frasier
Chad Frasier 10 days ago
This kid is more than just speed, I’m so happy for him!! Go Browns!!
Aaron Gilbert
Aaron Gilbert 11 days ago
Well I feel like I just watched a future GM's press conference
Mark Wood
Mark Wood 11 days ago
What. A. Staff.
Kenn Williams
Kenn Williams 11 days ago
Will SOMEBODYY, **ANNYYBODDYY** BUY DAN LOBBY A MF'ING *DECENT* MICROPHONE?!?!?!?! FFS, ANYONE that follows EVERY INTERVIEW *knows* that this has been an issue for years now! πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
Aaron Fry
Aaron Fry 11 days ago
Super Sharp!
Ge Mail
Ge Mail 11 days ago
Boycott uber eats ... Boycott uber eats
Zakul Sesay
Zakul Sesay 11 days ago
His not going anywhere any time soon because his learning from the best of the best, so when he step out of his own, he will be a force to compete with in the NFL..
Zakul Sesay
Zakul Sesay 11 days ago
Future NFL president or General manager position the man knows talent
Jeff Warren Anderson
Jeff Warren Anderson 11 days ago
Damn, this guy is razor sharp too! Wooo, what an outstanding "Cleveland Culture". You guys are setting a great example... you already demonstrated skills... and this is very classy... a source of pride. Clevelands Culture of Champions
Jeff Tisot
Jeff Tisot 11 days ago
That deferral to Coach Priefer was nice. He didn't even flinch. This is a young man w/ a bright future & I'm glad we have him.
Fanny Buster
Fanny Buster 11 days ago
Odell's days on the Browns are about over with this new guy
Lee Irorere
Lee Irorere 10 days ago
@Fanny Buster Wrong but carry on.
Crzyking 68
Crzyking 68 11 days ago
@Fanny Buster WTF you talkin about? Apparently you dont watch much Browns football.
Fanny Buster
Fanny Buster 11 days ago
@Sly they can't say it..But they're thinking it
Sly 11 days ago
@Fanny Buster name one person on the browns who feels like he is a team poison lol
Fanny Buster
Fanny Buster 11 days ago
@Lee Irorere Odell is a poison apple,not a team player
Robert Janko
Robert Janko 11 days ago
Reflective and intelligent man. Is his family coming from Ghana? Go Blackstars! (They have a black star in their flag) Greets from germany
Kwame Anderson
Kwame Anderson 11 days ago
πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­proud of ya
Devante Smith-Cowsette
Devante Smith-Cowsette 11 days ago
Feels good to be a brown ! And this guy Is well mannered
Strong Faith
Strong Faith 9 days ago
Yes, well mannered as a typical Ghanaian guy!
Mr do it ya damn self
Mr do it ya damn self 11 days ago
Am I the only person who thinks DPJ is very much like this kid. And why do we seem to have such small expectations for him?
timothy campbell
timothy campbell 8 days ago
I don't have small expectations for either! DPJ is an excellent Wideout and Schwartz may be the steal of the draft! Go Browns!
Crzyking 68
Crzyking 68 11 days ago
Not sure wat you mean but DPJ is a vital part of this offense now that we'll have a full offseason to install and Bakers comfortable in the system I can see more empty sets this season.
Veremalus 11 days ago
Tony Grossi- "who was the person who finally championed lets get an offensive player on this team after all these defensive guys?" -Kwesi "we had Kevin tied down in his office, we didn't tell anybody that." Smart and has a sense of humor,
Veremalus 11 days ago
Didn't know Kwesi was the VP of Football Operations but after listening to him I'm certainly glad he is!! Go Browns!!
jmichael deane
jmichael deane 11 days ago
This guy is awesome!
Mr.Ohydro 11 days ago
Oxeye 11 days ago
Dude was a reach for the 3rd round. He's fast but you got to be able to catch the ball..
Crzyking 68
Crzyking 68 11 days ago
@Oxeye You really should go watch some film on him hes got great hands.
Crzyking 68
Crzyking 68 11 days ago
@Oxeye Sorry but that definitely wasn't a burnt pick this is the fastest guy in the NFL now he dropped a 4.25 that's serious speed and he does have great hands I watched some tape on him last night. UNBELIEVABLE!
JoJo White
JoJo White 11 days ago
He's not a great route runner YET!! but just watch him on a bubble screen.
Adam Miller
Adam Miller 11 days ago
@Oxeye could also be a fast special teamer to get down the field in any capacity. But what do I know, I'm just another internet GM XD
Oxeye 11 days ago
@Crzyking 68 It's one of the problems of analytics.. Looking at every angle and missing the simple stuff. Speed is nice IF a receiver can catch passes thrown by a professional QB. Without that you have nothing. All that being said, I have no reason not to trust that Andrew Berry knows more about the guy than I do.
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones 11 days ago
Cleveland Browns Par Excellence'
Anthony Voss
Anthony Voss 11 days ago
I like the pics but I'm shocked they didn't pic a fresh young pass rusher
Crzyking 68
Crzyking 68 11 days ago
@Anthony Voss If Clowney has the year I believe he's gonna have he will be priced out of our range I can see Takk being affordable even if he balls out. The cap next year will probably be around 220 and we have 30 to rollover I'm sure we will use it to keep Baker Chubb Wyatt Teller and Denzel. Possibly using a franchise tag on Wyatt Teller or Nick Chubb hopefully get to keep Kareem thru 2023.
Anthony Voss
Anthony Voss 11 days ago
@keep it going I noticed that too and Takk definitely didn't like was going off on them on a regular..I think they both like the Browns..and once the season start and they see how cool coach Stefanski is I'm hoping it will work out for the team
Anthony Voss
Anthony Voss 11 days ago
@Crzyking 68 I hope Takk and Clowney work out and we'll be set for awhile...Go Browns!
Kristopher Gutierrez
Kristopher Gutierrez 11 days ago
@Crzyking 68 Go Browns!
Crzyking 68
Crzyking 68 11 days ago
@Kristopher Gutierrez Couldn't agree more, he said he never took the proper time away. Those micro fractures in the past ended careers, he realized he wasn't going to be That Guy 1st 1st and that's why he took himself off the field last season. He said he was never 100 since the injury and he feels the best since pre injury and is ready to Ball Out. LETS GO !!
Randy Kapel
Randy Kapel 11 days ago
Speed Kills
Randy Kapel
Randy Kapel 11 days ago
This vertical speed threat will open up lanes for other receivers and TE and the running backs , either running or replacing. Great pick
Jesse Warshak
Jesse Warshak 11 days ago
Yup. I like him as a field clearer and as a sweep, end around, screen threat
Jack Powers
Jack Powers 11 days ago
I hate hearing Kwesi talk, because every time he does I get reminded that he is eventually going to leave us for a GM/president job :(
Jason Allen
Jason Allen 11 days ago
that just goes to show how far the organization has came having guys like this in the front office instead of those bums the last 20 years.. If we lose Kwesi, good, and i wish him the best of luck at his next team, he deserves a shot to run an organization, dude has talent! But dont think Berry wont have another junior lined up, you can take that to the bank!
Logan 11 days ago
well, we'll get a 3rd round draft pick, so i'm all for it
mj bond
mj bond 11 days ago
no more interviews for kwesi. keep him a secret.
Jesse Woody
Jesse Woody 9 days ago
Its a good thing the salary cap only applies to players, because we gotta make sure this front office are compensated
Sbrabson04 11 days ago
Yea its going to be sad when we start getting our talent on the football fiend and the coaching, and front office poached
David Connor
David Connor 11 days ago
Kwesi's a future GM. Something about this guy, I love the way he talks. Seems like he'd be a good leader.
Burt Blyleven
Burt Blyleven 11 days ago
for sure. probably sooner than later. very impressed
D23 11 days ago
Yep, bro is like an Andre Berry lite
Crzyking 68
Crzyking 68 11 days ago
Great stuff from Kwesi this is only the 2nd time I've seen him in an interview and I never miss a presser. The intelligence from our HC to the top is incredible this is the Dream Team we have been waiting for. I'm hearing a lot of this is the Browns SB window I say different I say this is Sustainable and we will have many bites of that Championship Apple. This defense has gone from our offense has to keep scoring to Cmon AFC I dare ya to trying. I Honestly believe we have the Best roster of players in the entire league and the coaching to put it all together. Look out NFL Theres a new Sheriff in Town and hes vicious!!
FILTHY FILTHY 11 days ago
FILTHY FILTHY 11 days ago
Donald Hill
Donald Hill 11 days ago
I told my Brother "I'm not scouring the internet for players this year....I trust the smart guys will handle business" It's been a LOOOOOOOONG time since I could say that.
Dave V
Dave V 11 days ago
it was a great pick and i doubt MKC had a bunch of fans say why a receiver?
Alex Cleveland
Alex Cleveland 11 days ago
Shoutout to Kwesi MAN!!! Love'd his answers and his help!
ChoppaCal 11 days ago
Best front office in the league. We needed a kick returner and we just got one. #GreatPick
Allen F.
Allen F. 7 days ago
@ChoppaCal Thinking that he'll be the gadget guy this year. The game is evolving alright.
ChoppaCal 8 days ago
@Adam Jellani It's not like we needed a WR, we're already stacked. He adds speed but we also already have OBJ and DPJ...just saying.
Adam Jellani
Adam Jellani 8 days ago
Kick returner in the 4th?? I don't think that was their mindset when selecting him lol
YTShotty2theBody 11 days ago
We still have jojo nation too
J M 11 days ago
a front office just full of well educated well spoken men who just simply know what theyre doing! were in good hands
Jake Lozano
Jake Lozano 5 days ago
No joke, he's AB Jr. Dang. So articulate and super smart.
Jesse Woody
Jesse Woody 8 days ago
@scott zappa Its like the model curse is finally lifted.
scott zappa
scott zappa 8 days ago
It feels surreal because they have a real chance of winning the super bowl. I've seen all of it including Bernie and Brian Sipe. I personally have seen it all, at least since 1964. It's not easy watching incompetent management and coaching for all this time. Now it's like they're approaching perfection. It IS unreal, LOL.
Jesse Woody
Jesse Woody 9 days ago
@Burt Blyleven yes it does. Feels like we're in a dream. I DO BELIEVE THE MODEL CURSE HAS COME TO AND END, now he can concentrate on rotting in hell........😈 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈G O B R O W N S 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈
Landen Emanuel
Landen Emanuel 10 days ago
@Jeanie Twymon yea, have been watching on Flixzone for since december myself =)
Raymond 11 days ago
Fast as fook boi
niko petrovic
niko petrovic 11 days ago
Great Pick! Great draft Front Office! 2021-2022 Superbowl bound!
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