Dan Saganey | Tommy Togiai Post Pick Press Conference

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Cleveland Browns

12 days ago

Director of Player Personnel Dan Saganey addresses the media following the selection of defensive tackle Tommy Togiai as the 132nd overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Rick Collings
Rick Collings 9 days ago
Why werent CLE Excited to add Outstanding Cover and TFL Linebacker LSU’s 6-3, 235lb JABRIL COX with pick 113? Playing both Jabril Cox and JOK on passing downs (and when CLE has a nice lead and the opponent feels they cant run.much & need to just pass.)
Nick Butter
Nick Butter 9 days ago
Pocatello finally get some recognition in the NFL and I'm glad it's for my Cleveland Browns.
Eli Madden
Eli Madden 10 days ago
Porter gustin also is a lil under rated
alwaysreturnNurgirl 10 days ago
Looked good vs Washington then disappeared, falls onto the ground too often
Eli Madden
Eli Madden 10 days ago
Mailk Jackson and Marvin Williams 😳😳 Togi and Andrew Billings 😳😳
Dave V
Dave V 11 days ago
It's nice this front office takes and scouts Ohio State .............
corysagaming 11 days ago
Imagine Myles and Clowney screaming off the edges while Billings and Togiai push the pocket. No more calmly stepping forward and scampering up the middle for Lamar. He will have no have nowhere to run to baby. Nowhere to hide.
Barry DeHatchett
Barry DeHatchett 11 days ago
Martha & The Vandellas...i get it
Jeremy 1776
Jeremy 1776 11 days ago
Tony G. What a joke hahaha.
Justin S.
Justin S. 11 days ago
Oh. Nvm lol
Justin S.
Justin S. 11 days ago
lunchbox 11 days ago
Always, man. Always an absolute clown.
Titan 16
Titan 16 11 days ago
Letssss gooooo
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