Greg Newsome II arrives in Cleveland | Cleveland Browns

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Cleveland Browns

13 days ago

Browns Rookie Greg Newsome II arrives in Cleveland to start his career with the Cleveland Browns. Watch as he gets a tour of the building, and meets the equipment staff.

mje19D 3 days ago
Do work!!!!!
Scott Cecil
Scott Cecil 7 days ago
Joe Haden Vibes
Lee Hout
Lee Hout 8 days ago
It's gonna be a great season of Football
timothy campbell
timothy campbell 8 days ago
Newsome will start opposite Denzel Ward!
REACT by L 8 days ago
I will become Greg step daddy. His mama thick
Chris Nipper
Chris Nipper 8 days ago
Welcome to Cleveland!
Edward Gaines
Edward Gaines 8 days ago
Welcome to the Browns, good sir!
Daylon 9 days ago
Bishop Bey
Bishop Bey 9 days ago
We Have Four 1st Round DBs !! Hope They Stay Healthy !!
SneekySmurf 9 days ago
I believe you brother!! Get go Browns / Cleveland against the world 🌎!!
i cri
i cri 9 days ago
we shoulda took barmore🧍🏿‍♂️
RS64 10 days ago
Savannah O'Neill
Savannah O'Neill 10 days ago
Matthew Gerber
Matthew Gerber 10 days ago
Great draft our defense is gonna be the best in the nfl
JoJo White
JoJo White 10 days ago
I just got ahold of two more season tickets. I have a feeling I'm going to have a lot more friends this fall.
KK Taylor
KK Taylor 10 days ago
Not even gonna lie an all black away browns uniform with the brown and orange stripes would be too elite and too clean.
horse3357 10 days ago
His mannerisms remind me of Richard Sherman. Well spoken and confident
Steve Z.
Steve Z. 10 days ago
Northwestern players are soft AF... Ask The Ohio State and look how he's wearing his hat.... Gay AF
NoLimit Leeke
NoLimit Leeke 10 days ago
This shii crazy bro really made it. #inspiration
Christopher Holder
Christopher Holder 11 days ago
I can't wait for the newest Building the Browns episode!
One up One down
One up One down 11 days ago
Not a browns fan but they have a really good team . It’s going to be interesting to see who they and who they pay when rookie contract are up.
Edward Gaines
Edward Gaines 8 days ago
It's a crying shame they can't keep everybody. If Odell leaves, he'll probably take Jarvis with him.
Dave Kana
Dave Kana 11 days ago
Welcome to your new home Greg!👍
abdul smith
abdul smith 11 days ago
Go Browns
Zakul Sesay
Zakul Sesay 11 days ago
Already the boy in town that was quick
Michele Henderson
Michele Henderson 11 days ago
Welcome young man. Time to live up to the reputation of being a Brown. 🏈💖🐾
Kristine 11 days ago
Liking this guy already....go Browns
James Storey
James Storey 11 days ago
He gave us the Loki Pose at the end , I love this dude already, LFG
Splak _
Splak _ 11 days ago
I gotta feel like he's gonna love playing in cleveland after going to a school that doesn't seem to care about football as much as we do
Splak _
Splak _ 11 days ago
lol the hat on top of his hair, he's a special kid I tell ya hwut
Balljoint 11 days ago
Mad props and mad faith bro! Welcome to the CLE, also, if any idiot says we eat Polish Boys; they eat the same sandwich in the average measures the size of the Berea County Fair; Horse Dick Festufak! (I made all this crap up, no one talks about it but the official meat and sandwich in Cleveland Is Corned Beef, don't care what it is as long as there is Corned Beef. These Travel Channel people that come from families raised by Wolves for some reason bring up this dumb Po Boy Sausage Sandwich, which I've lived all my life in Cleveland and never seen once; let alone someone eat one. It's God Damn Lie! Go to Slymans Deli and get a Corned Beef Sandwich (you'll have to wait in a line because unlike the Po-Boy we actually eat this Fucking sandwich!Sandwich
Paa Hawkins
Paa Hawkins 11 days ago
We went from #23 to a really scary secondary damn near overnight! No fly zone in Cleveland or Woods can kick rocks!
abdul smith
abdul smith 11 days ago
Mr.Ohydro 11 days ago
Kyle Stoufer
Kyle Stoufer 11 days ago
The Browns Are Ready To Roll!!!!
Austin Palus
Austin Palus 11 days ago
The way he speaks reminds me of Sherman.
Dick Fitzwell
Dick Fitzwell 11 days ago
SUPER injury prone. Greedy 2.0
Dorry Cline
Dorry Cline 11 days ago
GO BROWNS, been waiting my whole life for a super bowl win, you guys got this, GO BROWNS.
_ Kujo
_ Kujo 12 days ago
Zap G
Zap G 12 days ago
Love this draft pick!
Ellie5621 12 days ago
He looks so thin.
Mike R
Mike R 11 days ago
So does Denzel
Ellie5621 11 days ago
@Raymond It’s not just weight, it’s hight vs weight, and there’s thin for an average guy and thin for an NFL player.
Raymond 12 days ago
Lmao if he’s thin at 190lb then what is devonta smith 💀
Burt Blyleven
Burt Blyleven 12 days ago
GO Browns baby. Welcome to THE LAND Newsome! Give us your all because you know we're gonna bring it in those stands.
Jeffrey Birman
Jeffrey Birman 12 days ago
Welcome to #TheLand!
Tony Ray
Tony Ray 12 days ago
Go find Nick Chubb and learn how to be a Brown
Tim Moore
Tim Moore 12 days ago
Go Browns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anthony Cal
Anthony Cal 12 days ago
It’s that’s his grandfather on the wall
Paul Carrion
Paul Carrion 12 days ago
And we was able get jok i wanted him with the 1st pick glad we didn't an got both lets go brownies
MooseheadStudios 12 days ago
here we go Brownies here we go!
Buckeyes 512
Buckeyes 512 12 days ago
Our defense starting look amazing just need get DTs like Tommy from Ohio State who benched 225lbs 40 times and stuff the run
Edward Gaines
Edward Gaines 8 days ago
Or w can get Sheldon Richardson back. Seriously.
MCgamerCM 11 days ago
@James Powell that’s what I was about to say
James Powell
James Powell 11 days ago
Well this aged well
Renner Outdoors, Unedited
Renner Outdoors, Unedited 12 days ago
3 lock down corners and some depth..... Myles and Clowney creating havoc..... I feel like this D is “Feeling Dangerous”, as Baker would say!!!!!!!!🏆
8 days ago
@Jesse Warshak probably so 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jesse Warshak
Jesse Warshak 9 days ago
@༒ he's prolly a salty ass Steelers fan. Cry lol.
9 days ago
@Benjamin Daoud 😐
Benjamin Daoud
Benjamin Daoud 10 days ago
And still the Browns coming in 3rd place in the division
Dawg Pound Trucker
Dawg Pound Trucker 12 days ago
Brandon Lowman
Brandon Lowman 12 days ago
chadbailey30 12 days ago
Good pick by the Browns!! Good kid, midwest school, smart kid school!!! Seems excited to play in Cleveland
American Saxon
American Saxon 12 days ago
Grant 12 days ago
Love the pick so much! So glad your a Brown Greg!!!!
Samuel tractorton
Samuel tractorton 12 days ago
Kickass, I could watch this all day, these dudes coming here and being excited, Browns Facility looking top notch!
greg 12 days ago
Way to go Greg!
Alex Cika
Alex Cika 12 days ago
Absolutely cool as hell I got goosebumps this Dude wants to Play !!!!!!!!!
Anthony Hornacek
Anthony Hornacek 12 days ago
He Knows "NEWSOME" holds a lot of weight! Our secondary is going to be DEEP! -DAWG SINCE '75
Kaysen Otto
Kaysen Otto 10 days ago
@Carolee Overmann Yea, I have been using Flixzone for since december myself :)
Carolee Overmann
Carolee Overmann 10 days ago
Pro trick : you can watch series at Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching all kinds of movies these days.
John fuller
John fuller 12 days ago
Great first round pick. I am excited to see pick #2
Erik Knapp
Erik Knapp 12 days ago
Love this kid already
Sundance Sparks
Sundance Sparks 12 days ago
Welcome to the pound Newsome let’s get that title baby! We almost there!
Dana Thomas
Dana Thomas 12 days ago
Go get em Dawg
Wenzan JV
Wenzan JV 12 days ago
I want to see this guy pummel both juju and chase to the ground
CB3347 12 days ago
He has good size. He looks tough. Bring on them steeler and bengal recievers
Zachary Jones
Zachary Jones 12 days ago
Let's goooooo!!!!
Greg Cunningham
Greg Cunningham 12 days ago
Welcome, can't wait to see you fly.
RJ2TURNT Plays 12 days ago
Yessir let’s get it 🔥🔥
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