Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah hears from Andrew Berry, Kevin Stefanski and ownership | Cleveland Browns

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Cleveland Browns

13 days ago

Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah hears from General Manager Andrew Berry, Head Coach Kevin Stefanski, and ownership as the Browns select him with the 52nd pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Daniel Rubio-Gamez
Daniel Rubio-Gamez 6 days ago
As a raiders fans I’m scared of this browns team goddamn y’all looking scary, lookin forward to playing y’all this year 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️
DCUPtoejuice 8 days ago
JOK is going to take a talented defense and ignite it.
timothy campbell
timothy campbell 8 days ago
Great pairing! Stefanski will develop JOK into a perennial all-pro and the Browns have arrived!
Edward Gaines
Edward Gaines 8 days ago
Adam the Bull, its okay to say JOK! Stop being so high & mighty! I bet that's what his jersey will say.
Adam 9 days ago
I’ve been yelling this dudes name for months! Got my pronunciation DOWN! Koramoah fixin to be that dude! Way to early prediction: DROY! Yeah I said it! So happy he’s a Brown! Get It!
alloyrat 9 days ago
Welcome to the POUND JOK! Your track down of the ball carrier is scary...
JD White
JD White 10 days ago
This guy is gonna put the league on notice. I think every Philly fan wanted him. Hell of a pick from the Browns. Congrats! He’s gonna do great things for y’all
Devyhn Wiggins
Devyhn Wiggins 10 days ago
Southern accent
tony fuller14
tony fuller14 10 days ago
Dude is business, 💯! Let’s go! Let’s get right! No talking and get to work! Cmon dawg pound, let’s goooo! #realdeal
Mark Snyder
Mark Snyder 10 days ago
Welcome to the Browns!!!! Stay hungry we want only the best for ya. Bowl bound .
Rick D
Rick D 11 days ago
From a raider fan, i gotta say kevin is my favorite coach in the league
Warren Zimmerman
Warren Zimmerman 11 days ago
I am excited about JOK, too. But why did he fall to pick 52 (which should be his uniform # just to troll the league)?
Nick Simich
Nick Simich 11 days ago
let's go #6....When Mac Wilson came to the browns, he chose #51 like Dick Butkus wore my favorite player of all times. I bought the Jersey. He's going to find it tough time trying to stay on this roster. His production isn't as good as the other linebackers but he's got a mean streak it's starting to come out. I hope he makes it.
Nick Simich
Nick Simich 11 days ago
Yes he seemed irritated about being picked that high. He seemed irritated when he talked to Andrew Berry and Kevin stefanski But..... Misdemeanor changed a little bit when Jimmy haslam got on the zoom call. LMFAO! We're going to love them here. I wanted him in the first round.
william Hermanson
william Hermanson 11 days ago
I wanted jok bad at 26. But we had to grab corner. Can't believe we got lucky and he fell. Berry your da man. With defence make over we have top 5 defence on paper. Go Browns stay healthy. Focus on flexibility and functional core and balance training. Availability equals opportunity. Love those Browns. Jok not a dream any more. We got the missing player to actually upgrade defence again. Browns go win that afc North and afc championship. Than u have great shot at winning the whole thing. Browns strong top 5 team
william Hermanson
william Hermanson 11 days ago
Jok was my favorite player in draft for Browns.
iurhviusdfavhi 11 days ago
I don't think the Ravens or Steelers fans even realize what the Browns have turned into. This is our division now. Next year they are gonna be like, who are these Browns players kicking our asses? I give Andrew Berry a A+ for the free agent and draft picks. We have a team full of smart talented winners. Myles Garrett is the profile we built our team around, and then we add the new possible Ed Reed, to OUR team?! This is gonna be so exciting!
Phillip Kelley
Phillip Kelley 11 days ago
HE IS READY TO GO! Sheesh lol He couldn't have been more clear on that
Josh Vlogs
Josh Vlogs 11 days ago
Let’s get right !!!!
Chris Burgess
Chris Burgess 11 days ago
Yes sir!!!!!! I can't believe we got him!!! Other teams gonna regret letting this man slip, 💯 generational talent! Our defence looking stacked! I can't wait for this season!
Duzzit Matter
Duzzit Matter 11 days ago
Does anyone else feel like Andrew Berry and Staff just stole the NFL’s lunch money, drank their milkshake and banged its GF all at once???
Duzzit Matter
Duzzit Matter 11 days ago
Damn bruh....I got chills with this!! Go Browns!!!
EduardoOrso 11 days ago
The Duke
The Duke 11 days ago
Wow, can you say #1 defense in the NFL? I'll have to pinch myself again! Does anybody doubt AB now? Go Browns, Super Bowl bound!!
Scott dont u roll up on me with ur posse faggot
Scott dont u roll up on me with ur posse faggot 11 days ago
Why can’t they make good picks like this all the time? Tired of all the weird picks thinking theyre so smart, man. Watch some television and college football for once. Theres a reason these guys are consesus best. It doesnt matter the GM thinks, it matters what the entire country thinks....just ask the Ravens and Steelers.
Paa Hawkins
Paa Hawkins 11 days ago
Andrew Berry is a beast!
Ron Brown
Ron Brown 11 days ago
So why did he fall honestly
NightCoffee 11 days ago
I feel bad for Andrew Berry's newborn. Daddy is going to wind up behind bars with all of these STEALS. :o
5thandGoal 11 days ago
dawg check!! JOK!!
jason garnett
jason garnett 11 days ago
The Browns are going to LAY THE WOOD 2021
CXK 11 days ago
He never has to leave the field he can play in nickel, base
CXK 11 days ago
A+ pick
mmatcham 11 days ago
I don’t think were talking a repeat, a three peat, or even a four peat. We’re talking a minimum eight peat Super Bowl champs.
The Real Deal
The Real Deal 11 days ago
Jeremiah from Ghana too! He ain’t playing no games on that defense field
Patrick J
Patrick J 11 days ago
He looked pissed that he slipped that much. No small talk.. let's go!! He's going to have a major chip on his shoulder and that's great for the Cleveland Browns!!!! A+ pick!!!
Cj Huntsinger
Cj Huntsinger 11 days ago
How the hell did he slide to let us get him and newsome. God has to be a browns fan right about now
Jim Pizza
Jim Pizza 11 days ago
Do you even know ?.......Get your A zz in gear...get here....and get ready to work....and PLAY..........No BS....Do OUR thing here in the Land...and Win !..We have waited too many years for this year..Get it Done !..........Welcome to the Cold !...........Stay Browns ! .....ET.
c B
c B 11 days ago
I'm all the way in New Mexico and I will be going to A Dawgs game this year..Hopefully this season is on point
Kyle Duffield
Kyle Duffield 11 days ago
Welcome home bro
The Chosen One
The Chosen One 11 days ago
Jok is the Literally only player I wanted this draft!.. we did need a cb so I like Greg pick also
TGAT RELIC 11 days ago
The impossible happened. I never thought he’d go out that far. Can’t wait to see this kid play in orange n brown.
Chris Nipper
Chris Nipper 11 days ago
Wow if you took the Biggest Browns Fan on earth and told them that they would get Newsome at 26 and Joker in the 2nd round they would literally accuse you of being a Crackhead
AE Kay
AE Kay 11 days ago
Gonna nickname him "let's get right".
Jim Pizza
Jim Pizza 11 days ago
Most won't get that reference......ET
Tyler Dare
Tyler Dare 11 days ago
Edward Oorjitham
Edward Oorjitham 11 days ago
Insane draft!! How in the world did we end up with BOTH JOK and Newsome??!! Year of the Doggg!! Go Browns!!!
Love one another as I have loved you Jesus Christ
Love one another as I have loved you Jesus Christ 11 days ago
F yeah let’s do right!!!! Go Browns
Les Bisch
Les Bisch 11 days ago
I want to see Daviyon Nixon in the third
JoJo White
JoJo White 11 days ago
At 26 my son and I said Newsome or JOK and I never imagined getting them BOTH! woof!woof!
Critical Optimist
Critical Optimist 11 days ago
As long as 23 ain't playing, I'm happy.
Ohio Against The World
Ohio Against The World 10 days ago
@Critical Optimist yeah worthless
Critical Optimist
Critical Optimist 10 days ago
@Ohio Against The World yeah. He's just old and can't be what the browns need.
Ohio Against The World
Ohio Against The World 10 days ago
who, Sendejo?
Mike Naykki
Mike Naykki 11 days ago
Great Pick!👍👍🏈🏈😎
Bill Graper
Bill Graper 11 days ago
This has to be the greatest offseason in the long history of the Browns. They nailed FA several times over, and then got BOTH of their guys in the draft. How are things just rolling so easily for us? You can already tell the team's fortune has done a 180°.
Julian Price
Julian Price 11 days ago
He is locked in
Neil Smith
Neil Smith 11 days ago
Zap G
Zap G 11 days ago
He's a DAWG! I can just tell.
abdul smith
abdul smith 11 days ago
This is exactly what I want from line backer GRITTY NO NONSENSE!!!👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽
D Mulaaa
D Mulaaa 11 days ago
The fact that JOK was top 10-15 Player on boards and went in the 50’s is BLASPHEMY.. U could tell he means nothing but business now , He was supposed get his name announced on Day 1
Adam 9 days ago
Every Single Mock had him gone by 20! Most 16-19. We slight of handed the entire NFL
LIL TY G 11 days ago
Marlon Davis
Marlon Davis 11 days ago
Shawn Jones
Shawn Jones 11 days ago
That man is all action.
Brandon Larrabee
Brandon Larrabee 11 days ago
Look how much happier the head coach look to talk to this pic but I guess they're all the same page
Brandon Larrabee
Brandon Larrabee 11 days ago
I'm sorry Andrew Berry I'm sorry Andrew Berry I'm sorry Andrew Berry I'm sorry Andrew Berry I'm sorry Andrew Berry I'm sorry Andrew Berry I'm sorry Andrew Berry
Reginald Forman
Reginald Forman 12 days ago
I cant believe this dude didnt go first rd honestly. I know he wasnt projected to but i figured teams were smarter
Jason Young
Jason Young 12 days ago
Great pick so happy hes going to be part of the dawg pound woof woof
Mark Maletic
Mark Maletic 12 days ago
Well he's a generational player he's like Ed Reed he hits like a freight train the interesting thing about him is they can bring him up and he can play linebacker but yet he can drop back and hit wide receivers can cover tight ends he is going to be a great player for the Browns I tell you this the Browns you just stacking themselves deep
Mr. Mister
Mr. Mister 12 days ago
MY WIFE DONT CARE. But I STILL explained every detail of why he's a steal.
Bob Piechowski
Bob Piechowski 11 days ago
Hilarious 😆
Mr. Mister
Mr. Mister 11 days ago
@Chelsea Lee Perfect.
Chelsea Lee
Chelsea Lee 11 days ago
My husband doesn't care so I tell my pitbull.
Jim Pizza
Jim Pizza 11 days ago
@Ken Davis My wife and I made every playoff game in the 80's.....wish she was here to see what is coming......Stay Browns..ET
Ken Davis
Ken Davis 11 days ago
Not very many wives do care mine doesn't either
Andy Gossard
Andy Gossard 12 days ago
The guys trying to make up for all the slight and his probable perception of being dissed. Nice moves on their parts.
Midwest Mayhem
Midwest Mayhem 12 days ago
Let's get rite t-shirts for sale hmu!!!! Let go Browns!!!!!
George Cole
George Cole 12 days ago
yo browns fans. how abt the nickname the joker??(
Detroit and Cleveland Fan
Detroit and Cleveland Fan 12 days ago
What Andrew Berry wants Andrew Flippin Berry gets!
connor miller
connor miller 12 days ago
This is the steal of the draft. AFC, you better watch out because the Browns are coming! It’s our time to shine! CLEVELAND ROCKS!!!
Josh Miller
Josh Miller 12 days ago
Everyone be ready , the tickets go on sale may 12th
Brent 11 days ago
I'm going to have to spend so much money for primetime endzone resale ticket... ah screw it. Let's goooo!!!
Josh Miller
Josh Miller 12 days ago
Detroit and Cleveland Fan
Detroit and Cleveland Fan 12 days ago
And they sellout may 12 too.
Tommy 12 days ago
They said he would be early in the 2and round and we got him at 52
Gregory Hayes
Gregory Hayes 12 days ago
OMG 😲!
chris ayres
chris ayres 12 days ago
the browns are building that sb roster, as a steeler fan gettin worried
Mason Harris
Mason Harris 11 days ago
Come on guys, it’s a Steelers fan not talking shit for once. Cut him some slack lol
Jesse Woody
Jesse Woody 11 days ago
Alan Martin
Alan Martin 11 days ago
be afraid
Hakan Otan
Hakan Otan 12 days ago
I love Andrew Berry.
Calvin Rogers
Calvin Rogers 12 days ago
He mad af! He going to make teams regret not picking him
A B 9 days ago
@Critical Optimist If Newsome wasn't there at 26, JOK takes that slot. Hopefully he knows that the Browns wanted him in the first round but had some considerable depth issues in the secondary and couldn't pass that up.
Fantasy Hilt
Fantasy Hilt 11 days ago
Lmao he is man
Devyhn Wiggins
Devyhn Wiggins 11 days ago
@abdul smith im ready to watch him kick ass this season
Critical Optimist
Critical Optimist 11 days ago
Browns passed him first round, but will need to be forgiven.
abdul smith
abdul smith 11 days ago
You ain't never lied this dude is so pissed he didn't get picked earlier.....he's on a mission to reak havoc
Ryan Bonds
Ryan Bonds 12 days ago
Best pick of the draft
Mr.Ohydro 12 days ago
T.J. Meechan
T.J. Meechan 12 days ago
Welcome to the Dawg Pound!!!!
Don Barron
Don Barron 12 days ago
Best pick in the round!
Lee Hout
Lee Hout 12 days ago
Great picks!! Studs.
Lee Hout
Lee Hout 12 days ago
Hes got a lot to learn but i think our team is shapin up very nicely{weird creepy voice} muahhahahaha!
Eric Wormsley
Eric Wormsley 12 days ago
Damn, what a steal. Let's go brownies!
poisedforduty 12 days ago
This is Destiny , he's a generational player, he's going to be our Ed Reed!
A D 8 days ago
@Caitlyn Jenner thanks for supporting the Browns, CJ. I'm buying Hanes stock to get you back.
Caitlyn Jenner
Caitlyn Jenner 8 days ago
Our Ed reed will be grant delpit. Just watch
A D 9 days ago
Ed Reed was 5'11" 205 and many project JOK as a safety, so the comparison is real once you check out some video. This guy is a dedicated baller.
things happen40
things happen40 10 days ago
One up One down
One up One down 10 days ago
ppl need to stop throwing that word generational , and goat out there. The last generation player to come out of sports was LeBron that’s a true generational talent. Ppl are using those words so much that it means nothing now.
Tim Moore
Tim Moore 12 days ago
Go Browns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Top 10 Wizard
Top 10 Wizard 12 days ago
On a roll!
Eric MacKay
Eric MacKay 12 days ago
How did we land him in round 2? Go Browns!
Sahpuis Dotmoney
Sahpuis Dotmoney 12 days ago
Let’s get right you already know lol
wdemon85 12 days ago
I don’t think he understands how much the Cleveland fan base loves that we got him.
MegaSlowe 11 days ago
IF the Browns can somehow bring back Sheldon Richardson on a more friendly contract, they would really be set across the board on defense.
Robert Janko
Robert Janko 11 days ago
He will notice that directly at the airport!
Jesse Woody
Jesse Woody 11 days ago
@Bill Graper 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈G O B R O W N S 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈
Bill Graper
Bill Graper 11 days ago
Once he sees how loaded we are & how passionate the fans are, he'll be thankful he didn't go to a team like the Jags, Jets, Giants, etc... WooF! 🏈🐕
Jim Pizza
Jim Pizza 11 days ago
He Does Not !!!!!!
David Williams
David Williams 12 days ago
Browns are killing this draft. I didn't think Newsome or JOK would be still on the board.
Cool Breeze
Cool Breeze 10 days ago
I hear that
David Williams
David Williams 11 days ago
@BROK Love it!
BROK 11 days ago
And then they got the fastest player in the draft
Daniel Darroch
Daniel Darroch 12 days ago
I thought it was one or the other at 26.
brandon Charles
brandon Charles 12 days ago
I’m excited asf, we got both of the guys I wanted !!!
Ohio Against The World
Ohio Against The World 10 days ago
they did get another edge rusher in the late rounds lol
G S 12 days ago
Every DE and DT would have been a reach
Andrew Koerner
Andrew Koerner 12 days ago
Shackalactv Films
Shackalactv Films 12 days ago
Let’s go 🤘🏿😃😆😆
Matt Oneil
Matt Oneil 12 days ago
@Anthony Voss CB and LB were bigger needs for starters than an edge rusher. Now they can add to the DL depth, a speed WR and may add another safety later on.
Joseph Beiner
Joseph Beiner 12 days ago
Welcome to the pound!! So pumped!
Dustin Murphy
Dustin Murphy 12 days ago
Steal of th draft
Cosmic 12 days ago
This is the steal of the draft. WoW! My Browns are STRONG Super Bowl contenders this year.
Frederik Goertz
Frederik Goertz 12 days ago
The Browns legit just mugged the NFL. How the hell did we get both Newsome and JOK?
BROK 11 days ago
Now add in the fastest player of the entire draft
Jaelan Harney
Jaelan Harney 11 days ago
A tier thief. Berry knew what other teams needed and it wasn’t what we needed. All steals
Jim Pizza
Jim Pizza 11 days ago
Berry did this....Hope it works.....Not many years left for me...........ET
Andy Gossard
Andy Gossard 12 days ago
People needed QBs, WRs, OLs, DBs and DEs.
Renner Outdoors, Unedited
Renner Outdoors, Unedited 12 days ago
Welcome to The Dawg Pound!!!!!!💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Andrew Wiseman
Andrew Wiseman 12 days ago
Excited to have him! Interesting demeanor though.
Robert Lucyk Sr
Robert Lucyk Sr 11 days ago
@teamsquide wonderful !
teamsquide 11 days ago
@Robert Lucyk Sr I’ve been following this guy on insta for a little bit because I wanted him and this dude post about Jesus and god all the time. He also went notre dame so he seems like good kid but idk
Detroit and Cleveland Fan
Detroit and Cleveland Fan 12 days ago
Why is it Lamar's fault he slid
Greg Cunningham
Greg Cunningham 12 days ago
@teamsquide Pretty obvious
Robert Lucyk Sr
Robert Lucyk Sr 12 days ago
@teamsquide He seems a little cocky, why what do you think about his demeanor?
Renner Outdoors, Unedited
Renner Outdoors, Unedited 12 days ago
Welcome To The Dawg Pound!!!!!
Nipcee K
Nipcee K 12 days ago
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