Charles Walls | Tony Fields II Post Pick Press Conference

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Cleveland Browns

12 days ago

National Scout Charles Walls addresses the media following the selection of linebacker Tony Fields II as the 153rd overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

James Reinig
James Reinig 10 days ago
Browns as a whole. Got they shit together. Super Bowl of front offices
alwaysreturnNurgirl 10 days ago
Thought we were interviewing Geno Smith 🤣
Free Tilly
Free Tilly 10 days ago
Outstanding draft! The best Browns draft I have ever seen. We didn't even get our first pick until #26 and I feel we got 2 top 10 players. The rich got richer.
Patrick Porter
Patrick Porter 10 days ago
Charles...Impressive Bud. Dawg pound approves of you and your seemless great character for a young guy!!
Dave V
Dave V 11 days ago
To our scouts............Thank you from Browns fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dave V
Dave V 11 days ago
MK Cabot suggested we have to many good defensive players....Unbelievable she said that!
don smith
don smith 10 days ago
@Ben Shihadeh we need to get rid of her and figure skater goldhammer--they are not what cleveland sports is about--ill start a fund to send goldhammr back to denver for good--he is such an idiot
Free Tilly
Free Tilly 10 days ago
Yeah, so many good players that we gave up more points than we scored last year. We had 4 good players from last year. The good players are coming in from free agency, injury, and the draft. They need to learn the system before we can determine if it's a good defenive unit.
Ben Shihadeh
Ben Shihadeh 10 days ago
Mary the bitch Cabot She’s only interested in creating dramatic headlines so she can be featured on espn.
Mark Wood
Mark Wood 11 days ago
For all you kids out there look up The Dome Patrol, maybe the best LB corps ever with a small Sam Mills.
Will 11 days ago
9:07 "Pressure creates diamonds" means Takitaki, Redwine, Wilson days may be numbered unless their play substantially improves!
Jake Lozano
Jake Lozano 5 days ago
Taki and Redwine will be a great back up. Redwine is underrated though. He can hold his own.
Sour Patch Kid • 62 years ago
Sour Patch Kid • 62 years ago 10 days ago
@Jaelan Harney I’m so excited to watch the first browns game
Free Tilly
Free Tilly 10 days ago
Nice guys, but they definitely aren't diamonds.
Charles Cummings Sr
Charles Cummings Sr 10 days ago
Redwine played well at the end of the season and in the playoffs. Wilson has the speed to be a backup LB. Drafting Takitaki was a big mistake.
Jaelan Harney
Jaelan Harney 10 days ago
Their days are numbered for sure because those guys lack the speed and range needed for today’s game. It may be JOK and Fields taking over with Walker and Philips
Brandon Waite
Brandon Waite 11 days ago
I want to drink a beer with this guy
Rudy g Funk
Rudy g Funk 11 days ago
Charles looks like a kid in a candy store when asked about those first three pics!😂 God bless you guys Charles! And God bless the Cleveland Browns!🙏👍🏼👊💪🏼
Benedict Karson
Benedict Karson 10 days ago
@Taylor Malik Definitely, I've been watching on flixzone for since november myself :D
Taylor Malik
Taylor Malik 10 days ago
Pro tip : you can watch series at Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching all kinds of movies during the lockdown.
GDJ 11 days ago
is every member of our front office amazing?
Free Tilly
Free Tilly 10 days ago
Haslam finally got it right with the organization. They all really work well together and it rubs off on the players.. I don't miss Dorsey at all.
Scott O
Scott O 11 days ago
Yes. Nice ain't it
Jim From OH
Jim From OH 11 days ago
I think it's great they are showcasing these guys during the draft.
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