Anthony Schwartz hears from Andrew Berry, Kevin Stefanski and ownership | Cleveland Browns

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13 days ago

Anthony Schwartz hears from General Manager Andrew Berry, Head Coach Kevin Stefanski, and ownership as the Browns select him with the 91st pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Edward Gaines
Edward Gaines 8 days ago
Insert Spaceballs joke here! Schwartz and OBJ will defintely keep the other team on their toes.
Domenica C. Giampaolo
Domenica C. Giampaolo 9 days ago
We can't wait to see what you do. I think he's going to do great things for the browns. Man, the season can't get here fast enough.
alloyrat 9 days ago
Tall glass of water with breakaway speed, welcome to the Browns!
Dan Lincoln
Dan Lincoln 11 days ago
This dude has playmaker written all over him
Mark Maletic
Mark Maletic 11 days ago
Well what's amazing is the Browns are drafting for the future they're drafting for now they're building up their base for the future they're doing the things that a franchise should and they're getting deeper and deeper and they're going for that quantity and quality instead of just quantity
Omnibad 11 days ago
Jojo Natson must be shitting his pants rn
Savannah O'Neill
Savannah O'Neill 11 days ago
Nebula 11 days ago
As a 3rd round pick this person I am probably most excited to see on the field... I feel like he will tear it up out there in the playoffs 😏
Frank Williot
Frank Williot 11 days ago
This kid is lightning fast
Benn Daniel Vai
Benn Daniel Vai 11 days ago
All he needs to learn is that slant route Tyreek Hill always runs. Lol then we are set.
Adrenaline Scratcher
Adrenaline Scratcher 11 days ago
This kid returning punts is gonna be fun to watch!!!
StevenC32 11 days ago
I wonder if he can return punts or kickoffs. The theme of the 2021 draft for the Browns so far is speed, because everyone that they drafted in the first 3 rounds are fast.
Mk L
Mk L 11 days ago
I will never understand why they insist on making these picks talk with three different people on draft night. The questions are ridiculous, it's very forced and super awkward. Just stop already!!!!
Robert Janko
Robert Janko 11 days ago
Just looked up his 60m and 100m time: this man is lightning fast!!! Are we blessed this draft? Unbelievable how good this draft works out for us.
Larry Laurenzi
Larry Laurenzi 11 days ago
O’h Jesus Christ, the Browns draft the smallest players in the draft, if they tiny da Browns want em so The AFC North can kill them. Hey, AB how tiny can you draft?
Colton Schramm
Colton Schramm 11 days ago
I wish they would get into specifics with the players. Every call sounds the same
Splak _
Splak _ 11 days ago
love this pick honestly. literally olympic class speed and seems to be a real good dude, like the rest of the new guys.
Splak _
Splak _ 11 days ago
EduardoOrso 11 days ago
Jay S
Jay S 11 days ago
OMG yes! Just woke up and found this. Man Berry is killing it! The first time I heard this guy was supposedly the fastest in college, I had a passing hope the front office would get him for our punts/kick offs.
Jendays 11 days ago
I love this kid's smile. I never seen someone so happy to be drafted as a Brown.
Ivo B
Ivo B 11 days ago
Andrew "ACE" Berry strikes again
Mr Hat
Mr Hat 11 days ago
Anthony looks like James Jones and sounds even more like him
BROK 11 days ago
*If he can develop his routes, Cleveland just found their own version of Tyreek Hill*
Ben Fultz
Ben Fultz 9 days ago
He's already training with Landry. Can't wait to see what this man becomes with OBJ and Landry teaching him the game.
alwaysreturnNurgirl 11 days ago
@Trevoreo no worries man, as Browns fans we are really excited, which is a nice change...Tyreek not only is amazingly fast but he's elusive and a jitterbug so to speak...something which Schwartz isn't...however I'm hoping Schwartz can at least take the safeties deep with him, and allow Jarvis to work better underneath amd whomever else
Trevoreo 11 days ago
@alwaysreturnNurgirl lol i dont know who the heck im thinking of then 😅
alwaysreturnNurgirl 11 days ago
@Trevoreo tyreek had 1600 yards and 13 tds his first two years combined...he didn't take long at
Steve J
Steve J 11 days ago
@Trevoreo you can say that but I think it was more of him having to prove to the coaches that he was just that good.
Damon Leggett
Damon Leggett 11 days ago
I’m excited asf, why can’t the season start tomorrow 😒😂
pluto jonez
pluto jonez 11 days ago
They ain't playing Dawgpound for life here we go Browns way to go let's get it!!!!
TGAT RELIC 11 days ago
A 10.07 100!!! That’s gettin it forill! Denzel ran a 10.49 100 in HS. Hopefully this kid can learn to run routes better and take it to the next level.
Ivo B
Ivo B 11 days ago
Thats world class speed. In the olympic final 100m the guy that finished 8th ran a 10.06
ChoppaCal 11 days ago
Get him working with Josh Cribbs ASAP. Imagine him returning kicks and punts.
erking55 5 days ago
@Edward Gaines Yes he is a browns analyst
Edward Gaines
Edward Gaines 8 days ago
Whatever happened to Cribbs? Isn't he on TV or something?
Domenick Cuccherini
Domenick Cuccherini 11 days ago
I’m surprised they haven’t asked Cribbs to be a special teams assistant or something.
nick a
nick a 11 days ago
Good call, bro, Josh would turn him into a monster.
Philip Zalewski
Philip Zalewski 11 days ago
Dude you like amusement parks and coasters. You came to the right place, do Cedar Point in Sandusky.
makavelliibrz_11 11 days ago
Andrew Berry is a God
TJ110 11 days ago
Develop this young man and he should be a star in this league.
Oluwafunmibi law
Oluwafunmibi law 11 days ago
Sigh Texans
Guts 11 days ago
Everybody's raving about his speed, which is good. But I wonder if he can catch well. Wonder if he has any injury history. Heard he's been limited in his routes, but hopefully he'll be able to expand and excel in that area with us. I personally was hoping we would get Ronnie Perkins. I was surprised he was still on the board.
bigginokid l
bigginokid l 11 days ago
Watch him on a track hr literally looks like a bird floating instead of everyone around him whos whole body is moving watch his upper body and head when he runs it doesn't move its amazing
bigginokid l
bigginokid l 11 days ago
Everyone who is complaining about the track star who will be the fastest man in the NFL..this was a non needed 3 round pick he was picked to develop his raw ridiculous talent of speed under obj and jarvis laundry for next year when obj is released he will be just fine a lot of 3 Rd drafts dont have that level of talent to develop under and dont possess ultra human speed and do amazing
Blue DC127
Blue DC127 11 days ago
@alwaysreturnNurgirl You can't teach speed.
D Wally
D Wally 11 days ago
@alwaysreturnNurgirl that’s all we need him to do right now. And hit the occasional 9 route
alwaysreturnNurgirl 11 days ago
@D Wally yeah if his tape was on par with his pro day speed, he would been a 1st round pick...unfortunately he's a ways way from being a starting WR in the NFL, however I'm sure they will sprinkle him into the offense via jet sweeps, bubble screens, etc.
MrPloppy1 11 days ago
Go watch this kid’s highlights. You’ll swear the video’s been set to play at 1.5 speed.
Guts 11 days ago
It's awkward watching them awkwardly great these players on these phone calls.. Berry did a better job this time. Just be genuine. You can set aside your "professionalism face" for a few minutes. Lol
Drunkencupid94 11 days ago
War fucking eagle baby went from watching him every Saturday to now getting to see him every Sunday let's go speedy!!
mick foster
mick foster 11 days ago
go war eagles. never should have changed that name
George Cole
George Cole 11 days ago
that's what his nickname is?
Brian Kubik
Brian Kubik 11 days ago
It’s so weird to see our front office doing a good job
Jimmy Payton
Jimmy Payton 4 days ago
@Rene Darwin yea, I have been using Flixzone for years myself :)
Rene Darwin
Rene Darwin 4 days ago
A trick: watch movies on Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching a lot of movies recently.
Ben Fultz
Ben Fultz 9 days ago
I thought it felt weird to have such late draft picks, and then seeing what we did with them...extra weird. I don't know what to do with my hands.
Richard Bleiweiss
Richard Bleiweiss 11 days ago
For the first time, the staff is working together and not trying to stab each other in the back. UNITY!!!
Sour Patch Kid • 62 years ago
Sour Patch Kid • 62 years ago 11 days ago
Out front office is EATING rn
Ghost 11 days ago
Does this guy return kicks too? I love speedsters at that position!
Jay S
Jay S 11 days ago
If they don't they're stupid. Our ST needs to seriously improve and this would be a no brainer.
Paul Jones
Paul Jones 11 days ago
He will play KR
alwaysreturnNurgirl 11 days ago
No he doesn't, I'm sure they will allow him to play special teams unless he fails...but maybe gunner can be his spot...he will have a limited role, considering how raw he is...but I'm sure they will sprinkle him in
TJ110 11 days ago
Not in college but I do like the idea.
Jesse Woody
Jesse Woody 11 days ago
🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈G O B R O W N S 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈
Neil Smith
Neil Smith 11 days ago
Great Pick!!!!
Sean Ballentine
Sean Ballentine 11 days ago
AB got the exact same paragraph lined up for each player but that’s fine 💀
@Sean Ballentine true but if he drafts them they are what he’s looking for at each of their respective positions
Sean Ballentine
Sean Ballentine 11 days ago
@mj bond I was talking about asking if they’re tired of waiting & saying they’re exactly what they were looking for lol
mj bond
mj bond 11 days ago
Who else has "world class speed"?
Mike Heffner
Mike Heffner 11 days ago
Andrew Berry = DA MAN
Raymond 11 days ago
Fast boi
Reliable Rants
Reliable Rants 11 days ago
Nobody: Andrew Berry "YoU TiReD oF WaItInG ArOuNd?!?!?"
TJ110 11 days ago
Lo 1X
Lo 1X 11 days ago
Better than "buddy boy"
Raymond 11 days ago
Robert 11 days ago
Andrew Berry is fucking killing it!
Edward Gaines
Edward Gaines 8 days ago
If they do win a SB this year, I'm not opposed to a statue of Andrew in downtown Cleveland.
TROY KOZLOWSKI THE Clevelander Till my dieing day
TROY KOZLOWSKI THE Clevelander Till my dieing day 9 days ago
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