Richard LeCounte III hears from Andrew Berry, Kevin Stefanski and ownership | Cleveland Browns

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Cleveland Browns

12 days ago

Richard LeCounte III hears from General Manager Andrew Berry, Head Coach Kevin Stefanski, and ownership as the Browns select him with the 169th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Tarn Arn
Tarn Arn 9 days ago
I was fixing to call y'all! That's one EPIC response! 🤣
Bryan Fields
Bryan Fields 10 days ago
How can you NOT like Andrew Berry?
G S 10 days ago
AB with the dad jokes
Jaelan Harney
Jaelan Harney 11 days ago
Ask someone you love this Mother’s Day.....”are you tired of sitting around?”
Zach's Factory of Sadness
Zach's Factory of Sadness 11 days ago
"aRe yOu TiReD oF SiTtInG aRoUnD?" "wErE gOiNg tO mAkE yOu a ClEvElAnD bRoWn!" i like ab but he needs some new lines
Zach's Factory of Sadness
Zach's Factory of Sadness 10 days ago
@brainspin very true. I saw jerry jones make these phone calls to all the new players and it seemed pretty cool but im sure they will go 8-8-1 or something lol
brainspin 10 days ago
It does wear on you but, I think we can all agree that as long as he gets these picks right he can say whatever..Corny/cheesy or not. lol
Jesse Warshak
Jesse Warshak 10 days ago
Nah nuthin wrong with a signature go-to line.
backup368 11 days ago
0:12 _"We're gonna make you a...on second thought, hope you don't have to wait too much longer. Best of luck, Richard."_
TJ110 11 days ago
Nobody: Andrew Berry "YoU tiReD oF WaTinG aRoUnD?!?!"
Cedric Rouse
Cedric Rouse 11 days ago
Congratulations Cuz so proud of ya stay blessed
Troy Brewer
Troy Brewer 11 days ago
I REALLY like LeCounte...long arms, can zero in and deliver a hit...good instinct and always seems to be around the ball!!! Great pick AB!!!
Gregory Choquette
Gregory Choquette 11 days ago
Good guy here
Juan Nieto
Juan Nieto 11 days ago
I was about to start calling y’all 😂🤣
Hunter Ledford
Hunter Ledford 11 days ago
So happy for this guy, great player for us in college. Proud of you and happy for you Richard! #damngooddawg
Jonatan Salario
Jonatan Salario 11 days ago
NECESITO UN PRESTAMO ACTIVO OK GRACIAS 😆🏵️🏵️🍎🤸🏵️💄🤑💄😂😂⛈️⛈️😂😀🤑😂🗡️🤣💄😂💄🤣😂🗡️
Outdoor Entertainment
Outdoor Entertainment 11 days ago
Our staff is the best in the nfl. Prove me wrong I dare you
Speaking the Real
Speaking the Real 4 days ago
Crazy to say that after all these years
B dog
B dog 8 days ago
Our worst drafted player in 2020 still showed good promise, and we had a great draft this year, too. I swear Andrew Berry is magic bro
DoomsSports 10 days ago
Until we win a SB, none of this means a thing unfortunately
9 9 9
9 9 9 11 days ago
*breathes intensely* i - i can’t do it. i can’t prove you wrong
Patrick Dawid
Patrick Dawid 11 days ago
Welcome to the Dawg Pound 🤎🧡
LunchBSandwich 11 days ago
From what I heard, this sounds like a Nick Chubb scenario (injury caused his draft stock to slip). Now if he fully recovers from his injury, that affected his performance, then I got a feeling we got a huge steal on our hands.
Kyle Kaminski
Kyle Kaminski 10 days ago
hopeuflly, there aren't many details about the injury but it seems that he probably had a pretty bad concussion. Look at the way he does interviews before and after the injury, seems like a different person.
Jaycam 11 days ago
AB with that same opening line 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Rashon Lea
Rashon Lea 11 days ago
Yes sir
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