Demetric Felton Conference Call | Cleveland Browns

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Cleveland Browns

12 days ago

New Browns running back Demetric Felton speaks with the media after being selected with the 211th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas 21 hour ago
Hey Mr. Felton Your in the right place!
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones 3 days ago
If Demetric Felton plays like the guy he looks like, the NFL is getting ready to be Shocked! I Live in Birmingham Alabama and Demetric Felton looks almost exactly like a young "Bo Jackson!" #spittingimageofalegend 🐾🔥
PrisonMike 3 days ago
Felt is an absolute gem. As a UCLA fan I've been able to see his growth each year. He's stronger than he looks, has nice vision and a jack of all trades. His Washington St game is one of legends.
CB3347 5 days ago
reminds of greg pruitt . i bet stump mitchell remembers greg pruitt
Liz Brown
Liz Brown 7 days ago
This guy is that elusive and quick l'm watching him, God bless Demitric.
omarr roach
omarr roach 9 days ago
Kareem and Chubb are going to have this Guy on point! We are going to be a handful! RELEASE THE HOOOOUUNNDDSSS! GO BROWNS! 💪🏿🔥
James Reinig
James Reinig 10 days ago
3rd down running back to a T.. Browns picks are smart and humble. I like it. #superbowlbound
JoJo White
JoJo White 10 days ago
I stoked about this whole draft!
Matthew Gerber
Matthew Gerber 10 days ago
Hell yea great pick were now stacked on offense and defense no stopping us
alwaysreturnNurgirl 10 days ago
I know a lot of compared anthony Schwartz to Tyreek Hill (besides straight line speed, there really is no resemblance between the two) this guy looks more like Tyreek Hill imho, though a step slower
Matthew Gerber
Matthew Gerber 3 days ago
@Anthony Jones yes
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones 3 days ago
@Matthew Gerber you are talking about Schwartz.🤣
Matthew Gerber
Matthew Gerber 10 days ago
he ran a 10.15 100 yard dash a 4.25 40 yard dash wow that's fast
- Kepha
- Kepha 10 days ago
Such a well spoken young man. Best of luck to him amd his career. His senior bowl route running was a work of art. He reminded me of a poor mans Antonio Brown. He could legitimately be our kick/punt returner, 6th WR, and 4th RB as a rookie.
Robert Janko
Robert Janko 10 days ago
Imagine having a guy like him last season against the Jets, with his versatility. Will be interesting.
Kingcob16 10 days ago
Can't lose all your WRs when your running back is a WR *taps head*
DA BEST 10 days ago
this dude carried my pop warner team lmao. GOODSHIT DEMETRIC LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Joe Fox
Joe Fox 10 days ago
I love this pick. Browns needed a return man. He is playmaker.
Domenica C. Giampaolo
Domenica C. Giampaolo 10 days ago
I'm excited to see what he does. I think he's going to surprise everyone and just be a baller!
philsalvage 10 days ago
I’m rooting for this kid
Thrasher_ YT
Thrasher_ YT 11 days ago
Antonio Gibson 2.0
ScarehouseTim Zombie
ScarehouseTim Zombie 11 days ago
I love these wr's they drafted. Very fast and versatile. And they have a great attitude as well.
Tranquility Base
Tranquility Base 11 days ago
Strength in numbers. Depth is key.
Jack Coleman
Jack Coleman 11 days ago
He sounds very stable and collected.
Robert Janko
Robert Janko 10 days ago
@Chay Dawg Exactly what I thought, its all intelligent guys and very reflective too.
Sarge 11 days ago
Already have 4 good RBs so what the hell?
Kevin Mulhall jr
Kevin Mulhall jr 10 days ago
Watch some tape on this guy, best jump cut in the draft. Huge upside on special teams which the Browns desperately need
Dave V
Dave V 11 days ago
This guy has some of Barry Sanders moves in him. Very exciting pick...........He's going to add a new dimension.
Dylan Justison
Dylan Justison 11 days ago
im rooting for this kid! lets go Felton!!
mdwolf15 11 days ago
Good pick up. If chubb wants to resign for too much we can still prob keep hunt and this kid around
mdwolf15 10 days ago
@Chay Dawg no one is that special when the front office is obviously going to rework or let go of contracts. Beckham will be gone, landry will be gone unless he reworks deal, ward if cant stay healthy he will go and unless chubb takes a derrick henry type deal they wont pay him top RB money when hunt signs for less and they can draft
Tanner Speck
Tanner Speck 11 days ago
Kareem hunts gonna teach him a lot. Great receiving back.
alwaysreturnNurgirl 10 days ago
Yeah I'm thinking the same, hopefully this kid can put on 10lbs of muscle and not loose any ability.
Tanner Speck
Tanner Speck 10 days ago
I know that was said in the video.
danzo 626
danzo 626 11 days ago
He was a wr at ucla then went to rb out of need
Thebighomie 11 days ago
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones 11 days ago
This kid is Dynamite, watch his highlight film and get back with me!!!Dawgs!🐾🔥🔥
TJ110 11 days ago
We resign jojo but now I doubt he will even be on this team after training camp with this stud 👀
David Williams
David Williams 11 days ago
Wow. You weren't kidding. Love it. Browns need a return man and another running/receiving threat. Perfect fit.
Greg Cunningham
Greg Cunningham 11 days ago
Another great pick, but I really hope he doesn't take Slow Grind's spot.
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones 11 days ago
He going to "Take somebody's" spot!!! Check his highlight reel, this kid is the "real deal!"🐾🔥🐾🔥😲
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