Paul DePodesta | Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah Post Pick Press Conference | Cleveland Browns

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Cleveland Browns

13 days ago

Chief Strategy Officer Paul DePodesta addresses the media following the selection of linebacker Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah as the 52nd overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark 7 days ago
Man. These reporters are ridiculous
timothy campbell
timothy campbell 8 days ago
I truly felt that Owusu-Koramoah was one of the most tantalizing players in this years draft! Getting him at pick-52 is nothing short of amazing!
Blaine Turner
Blaine Turner 9 days ago
I was always welcome to the idea of these guys heading our franchise. I fought the sashi wars, I'm glad that their vision finally persevered. Go browns
Doggy Style
Doggy Style 9 days ago
This is not the Cleveland Browns I'm accustomed to.
Motley Brown
Motley Brown 10 days ago
It's looking like a couple of current Browns LBs will be looking for new homes, now.
Timothy Cobb
Timothy Cobb 10 days ago
These reporters 😳😂
Barry Edwards
Barry Edwards 11 days ago
A bit of editing here would do wonders.
Michael Matthew
Michael Matthew 11 days ago
I wanted him first but we stole him! GO Browns
Joe C
Joe C 11 days ago
Why did JOK slip so far?
Liberty Outdoor Adventures
Liberty Outdoor Adventures 11 days ago
Tony, Marla, Mary Kay The Three Stooges
Liberty Outdoor Adventures
Liberty Outdoor Adventures 11 days ago
Our media is trash
- Kepha
- Kepha 11 days ago
The number of defensive improvements this team has made is stellar. We need to comprehend that this will lead to many more offensive posessions, which leads to more offensive time of posession, and hopefully more points. On top of the defensive improvements, OBJ will be added to the offense which returns all of its starters. Lastly, the Browns had one of the youngest teams in the league last year. An added year of maturity and experience is going to show up on game day.
Kevin Hurney
Kevin Hurney 11 days ago
We need a new generation of reporters for this new generation Browns team
Allen F.
Allen F. 7 days ago
Seriously. It's time.
Paul Baker
Paul Baker 11 days ago
audio is horrible
Jason Young
Jason Young 11 days ago
amazing draft so far the 1st two picks are just what i wanted really didnt think it would be these two guys but i wanted a cornerback with our 1st rd and linebacker with 2nd or 3rd and you cant ask for a better linebacker man it crazy Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah fell to us so glad we were able to move up and get such a stud at that point in the draft Lets Go Brownies
Andrew Wolfgang
Andrew Wolfgang 11 days ago
JOK I see as this regime's Peppers. Swiss army knife type player.
Andrew Wolfgang
Andrew Wolfgang 11 days ago
@Nick Simich peppers is doing great
Nick Simich
Nick Simich 11 days ago
He will be way better than peppers bro. Way better
Rusty Spence
Rusty Spence 11 days ago
You are the next to take a GM position, and suceed
Andy Tays
Andy Tays 11 days ago
Amateur hour staying on mute
Gary Provenzano
Gary Provenzano 11 days ago
Analytics picked that shirt.
Gary Provenzano
Gary Provenzano 11 days ago
OMG. He is wearing the SAME SHIRT in his 2011 picture on Wikipedia. Nice Rows and Columns there...Talk about Moneyball....
Shane R
Shane R 11 days ago
Hey guys you’re on mute
Gabriel - Content Writer
Gabriel - Content Writer 11 days ago
We are SB favorites at this point. Wake up NFL....the Browns are about to wreck it, and will be elite for years to come.
Bill Brasky
Bill Brasky 10 days ago say WRECK IT JOHNNY..EVER
Mason Lawlor
Mason Lawlor 11 days ago
Jeff Schudel still cannot figure out how to unmute himself when speaking on Zoom. Keep impressing guys.
Jason S
Jason S 11 days ago
It never fails to make me laugh when they call on him and he has some tech problem. It has been happening literally every time, for over a year. When Ruiter’s mic was off, I couldn’t believe they went to Jeff Schudel as the back up. I thought, “well this will be good.”
Watching the Throne
Watching the Throne 11 days ago
Grossi is so stupid. What a dumb final question
tonyetzu 11 days ago
Was Farley undraftable in the first? lol... Yeah the Titans took him off the board, i'd say fairly undraftable at that point
Bill Brasky
Bill Brasky 10 days ago
Just imbeciles at our local rags..complete amateurs.
Y2o 2r1k
Y2o 2r1k 11 days ago
the next jabril peppers though?
Shoot To Thrill
Shoot To Thrill 11 days ago
200IQ draft great picks
Matthew Mayle
Matthew Mayle 11 days ago
Dude seems to hit like a Mac Truck..... but.... he won't be doin that on this level with grown man everywhere... Time will tell...
EduardoOrso 11 days ago
D23 11 days ago
Marla "you know what I mean" Ridenour🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Nick P
Nick P 11 days ago
Our reporters just make a statement seem like a question and don't actually ask anything.
Wesley Green
Wesley Green 11 days ago
Best in the draft baby! 2nd round is Andrew Berry’s round!
George Vamvakaris
George Vamvakaris 11 days ago
Man that last Tony Grossi question pissed me off. Who the hell cares about Farley?
George Vamvakaris
George Vamvakaris 11 days ago
@Jim From OH It is so annoying. Cleveland media is second to none in terms of asking the dumbest questions you can possibly think of. I find they are so negative whenever a positive situation comes up
Jim From OH
Jim From OH 11 days ago
Grossi will always stir the pot, the guy adds zero value.
Coopabad 11 days ago
How/why does Mary k still have this job?
Sinatra 11 days ago
I have legally changed the name of my Grandkids to Andrew and Berry..Super Bowl.....4Sure!
Petey 12 days ago
Gonna make ppl FLY
Neil Gigandet
Neil Gigandet 12 days ago
This guy is awesome. One of my favorites in this whole draft. Just what we needed. He is a killer with great instincts and covers like a DB. Although he is light in weight, he is a more forceful tackler and better side to side than Parsons or Collins drafted way ahead of him. I love this guy and need his jersey immediately. Go Browns!
Neil Gigandet
Neil Gigandet 7 days ago
@Allen F. Yeah, heart issue but he was cleared by doctors pre-draft. Guy played like an animal. I would have serious heart issues, if I played like him. Could be the steal of the draft. Hope all is good though
Allen F.
Allen F. 7 days ago
Versatile player. The health issue was the question though. Hoping that this all gets resolved.
Orangepoppin 12 days ago
Make This The Most Liked Comment.
AtlasRunner 12 days ago
Uh...Ur.. Ummm... You know.... You know what I mean....
ALL HATZ NO BRAKE TV 12 days ago
AB needs a statue in front of First Energy!!! He's amazing!!!
ALL HATZ NO BRAKE TV 10 days ago
@Ramanjit Gill thanks I corrected it
Ramanjit Gill
Ramanjit Gill 10 days ago
Not trying to he a smart ass but who is AD? Do you mean AB as in Andrew Berry?
Dave V
Dave V 12 days ago
this is the most impressive draft in the last 15 years so far.............
Garrett Pitts
Garrett Pitts 10 days ago
@Dave V absolutely my man. It’s great to have good quality football back in Cleveland!
Dave V
Dave V 10 days ago
@Garrett Pitts you're right....that was incredible as well. I just think it was cool that the draft was held and Cleveland and we showed the nation are hometown is no joke at all...We crushed it big time....
Garrett Pitts
Garrett Pitts 11 days ago
Bake, Ward and Chubb were all the same draft. That’s legendary. This one is close behind tho! Andrew Berrys draft last year seems to be shaping up real nice as well. Jed, Bryant, Philips, Delpit! That’s how you build a franchise!
80's Takeover
80's Takeover 12 days ago
God there questions sucked
mike 12 days ago
Why was he still there? Copy cat league ,If you aren't KC you are nothing,with the exception of Tom .
Nick S
Nick S 12 days ago
Cleveland Sports reporters showing how smart they are.
Watching the Throne
Watching the Throne 11 days ago
I didn’t understand this comment at first then I got 2 minutes into the video
JediGaming 12 days ago
mike 12 days ago
Yea Mary k. we dooped everybody on this one.
Rohan 12 days ago
I would sit Ben when the Browns play the Steelers first game in the regular season. Or, else, he won't see the rest of the season.
Allen F.
Allen F. 7 days ago
It's going to be interesting. Ben on the run.
WhiteSupremePizza 11 days ago
Would be nice to see Myles end Rudolph’s career too. 🤯🚑☠️
mike 12 days ago
Tony points out losing games as if to say we lost those games before they where played ,now what are you going to do about it? I want to be on your side but, "Come on Tony" And we just moved up to pick an average player that was our mind set, we didn't think anybody would take him.
Jacob Squires
Jacob Squires 12 days ago
Grossi is such an asshole to ask about a player that wasn't even available when we picked. What a hack.
casey boykins
casey boykins 12 days ago
Andrew I'll drive my girl over when you need her bro
Miguel Montenegro
Miguel Montenegro 11 days ago
Lol! Talk about a team player
D23 11 days ago
mike 12 days ago
Media fail
Gregory Hayes
Gregory Hayes 12 days ago
OMG 😲! A side line to side line LB! OMG 😲!
Neil Smith
Neil Smith 12 days ago
Thank You Paul!
hgslawyer 11 days ago
I doubted him but glad I was wrong.
Mel A. Hamilton
Mel A. Hamilton 12 days ago
For whatever reason something won’t let me get to excited. I just need to see it all come together! But I’m happy we’re certainly going in the right direction.
David Minor, The Death Shadow Guy
David Minor, The Death Shadow Guy 11 days ago
It's PTSD brother
mick foster
mick foster 12 days ago
what an asshole. you got to stop being so negative man the nationals are picking us a sb contender be happy man
Al Caprella
Al Caprella 12 days ago
My first born is going to be name Andrew Berry
Flugame23goat Flugame
Flugame23goat Flugame 12 days ago
Amazing draft so far by Andrew Berry. Soooooo Firreeeedddd up!!!!
gnielsen07 11 days ago
Depodesta is the #2 in the front office. He’s doing an amazing job as well . He was instrumental in us hiring stefanski & the excellent cap position were in
Josh .0
Josh .0 12 days ago
Back to back great drafts and free agent signings
Greg Cunningham
Greg Cunningham 12 days ago
He's certainly tough and accountable, lets hope the smarts are there as well.
Akhil Yirmeyahu
Akhil Yirmeyahu 11 days ago
@Greg Cunningham friendly reminder ✌🏿
Greg Cunningham
Greg Cunningham 11 days ago
@Akhil Yirmeyahu Not sure something so obvious needed to be posted.
Akhil Yirmeyahu
Akhil Yirmeyahu 11 days ago
@Greg Cunningham yea same standard will be used towards you.
Greg Cunningham
Greg Cunningham 11 days ago
@Akhil Yirmeyahu First impressions are everything Akhil.
avonbarksdale91 11 days ago
@Greg Cunningham I think he was more upset then nervous. He’s a top 10 player.
Lee Sulzener
Lee Sulzener 12 days ago
My least favorite thing about football is Daryl's long winded, rambling ass, love to hear himself talk questions.
Lee Sulzener
Lee Sulzener 12 days ago
Talk faster Daryl!!!
Lee Sulzener
Lee Sulzener 12 days ago
I was sick all day that we didn't pick this guy last night. I can't believe we got him at 52.
Carolina Fight Club
Carolina Fight Club 12 days ago
PETER TOUCHER 12 days ago
I been talking about JOK for months! When the browns passed on him last night I was so disappointed. I almost cried when they said his name! Great day in Cleveland! JOK is the cherry on top of this unstoppable defense.
TJ110 12 days ago
Ladies and gentlemen we just got a steal.
Mr.Ohydro 12 days ago
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