Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah Conference Call | Cleveland Browns

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Cleveland Browns

13 days ago

New Browns linebacker Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah speaks with the media after being selected with the 52nd pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Ernest Baddger
Ernest Baddger 2 days ago
He's the Best Linebacker Drafted, You'll See Watch,He plays 3, Yes 3 positions
Nicko Litz
Nicko Litz 3 days ago
Who is A.I?
Jerry Thomas
Jerry Thomas 7 days ago
So far I like this guy
Robert Adams
Robert Adams 7 days ago
Defensive player of the year right here!. I said it first!.
EOS Related
EOS Related 7 days ago
I like this dude. I smiled multiple times listening to this interview.
Coach Humph
Coach Humph 8 days ago
2 Important things. #1) He is just one of many examples why the question is not "Why should a high school recruit go to Notre Dame?", but rather the question is "Why should you not go to Notre Dame??" He can have football taken away from him next week and he STILL will be someone that other people refer to as their boss...he won't have to work for anyone. #2) He is too classy to make a big deal out of it but his nickname isn't JOK...It's Wu (Owusu). His brothers in South Bend call him Wu. Consider it a happy coincidence that his style of play will often leave people exclaiming "woo!" :-)
REACT by L 9 days ago
Woof woof? Naw, Bow wow wow wow yippee yo yippee yay
Abbott Mechanical Services LLC
Abbott Mechanical Services LLC 9 days ago
The next Ray Lewis
Con Rich
Con Rich 9 days ago
He killed these questions. He seemed really polite, wellspoken, and knowledgeable.
Mikes Tfone
Mikes Tfone 9 days ago
King Jeremiah welcome to Cleveland.
Dustin's Fish Tanks
Dustin's Fish Tanks 9 days ago
I love this dude’s quotes and mindset
omarr roach
omarr roach 9 days ago
This Guy is going to be a Monster!.Him and Taki coming after you! OUCH!
Nick Butter
Nick Butter 9 days ago
Hey does anyone else remember week 17 and the wild card round when we beat the Steelers and everyone is running around their houses and screaming having a fantastic time like life couldn't get better, yeah that was me when we drafted this dude.
Pwee-Is-Gr8 9 days ago
This is what you call a 1st round talent.. Browns finessed the draft to get a corner and this monster in back to back rounds... Can't wait to watch him make plays.
LIL TY G 9 days ago
Charles Tarver
Charles Tarver 9 days ago
In a word athlete
Jerrod Barentine
Jerrod Barentine 9 days ago
Hope summer goes by fast, this fall is going to be so much fun to see all of this talent brought to the game by coach of the year
Bitcoin Moses
Bitcoin Moses 9 days ago
Took this guy 20 seconds to diagnose Mary Kay, "You answered your own question."
Jon Shanked
Jon Shanked 6 days ago
Makes me like him more.
Jongin was 19 when he did this
Jongin was 19 when he did this 10 days ago
He handles the media very well.
Adam Jellani
Adam Jellani 10 days ago
JOK at 52??? Cleveland has a crazy squad!
Saleh Harris
Saleh Harris 10 days ago
K Aguilera
K Aguilera 10 days ago
& too all those people crying over joe shoebert is hilarious 🤣 now !! Shoebert was overrated in so many minds in Cleveland THIS GUY IS A REAL DOG !
GetAwesome Gaming
GetAwesome Gaming 10 days ago
This young man talks like he is 40 not 21. He already gives me the vibe of a generational talent.....and he called Mary Kay "Sir" 😂
Pwee-Is-Gr8 9 days ago
Well to be fair that was just a quick response to someone.. Urban style of talk.
Chris Toph
Chris Toph 10 days ago
The Browns have really done a good job of picking guys with their heads right as well as with the talent.. Berry’s not gonna take the risks on the troubled players like Dorsey
zoyxing 10 days ago
2:26 He even said please. That's true maturity the Browns need.
Dana Thomas
Dana Thomas 10 days ago
Sounds like a Brown for sure.
Dierkenzee 10 days ago
Great attitude.
Ricardo Bush
Ricardo Bush 10 days ago
Am I missing something here? Why he fall so far? His size or not a fit/need for teams in front of us? I feel like we just drafted the next Ed Reed 😂😂😂
hange enthusiast
hange enthusiast 10 days ago
Adam Fanning
Adam Fanning 10 days ago
Hope he keeps the same helmet looks sick
The Unknown
The Unknown 11 days ago
I love him so much as an athlete that I’ve gave him a nickname as: The Joker because his initials are JOK and just because he’s gonna pull some tricks out of his hat and make this amazing defense even better
Emperor Penguin
Emperor Penguin 11 days ago
2:24 is hilarious. His family banging on his door, he tries to ignore it, they keep knocking and he has to yell at them to stop lmao
Dan 1031
Dan 1031 11 days ago
This guy is really well spoke, I like it!
Dan 1031
Dan 1031 11 days ago
Lol “hold up I’m in an interview”
Matt Strycharz
Matt Strycharz 11 days ago
"What you put your thoughts to that's what you put your energy toward." I love that quote so much for some reason. Goddam this guy was a gift in the 2nd round. Like we had 2 first round picks or something
Neil Printz
Neil Printz 9 days ago
Really now Was it necessary to curse God and to use his name on vain as a curse word. Please give me a break
TheLeg7nd 27
TheLeg7nd 27 11 days ago
What a steal, can't believe we got him!
GrantSweatshirt 11 days ago
The one player i wanted!
Raymond Fonseca
Raymond Fonseca 11 days ago
Ask him what # he's gonna were? Cause #6 is taken
Raymond Fonseca
Raymond Fonseca 11 days ago
How about BARK & BITE! The BARK comes before the BITE. "All the Way to SOFI, All the Way!!!"
Michael Krowchak
Michael Krowchak 11 days ago
I love the pick! J.O.K. all day!! Go Browns!!!
Phillip Simango
Phillip Simango 11 days ago
2:28 got me weakkk 😭😂 "when you get drafted but you still live in yo parents house"
Mike Urban
Mike Urban 11 days ago
Mom the meatloaf!
scott zappa
scott zappa 11 days ago
What a stud. Not sure I realized he can hit you like a Mack truck until I watched the highlights again. Seems like a very nice young man too.
David Carter.#
David Carter.# 11 days ago
Livin in the 757 great talent pool moved to Chesapeake VA 5 years ago from Ohio
Alan Brown
Alan Brown 11 days ago
Jeremiah Owusu Koramoah.?!! Too long guys Toooo long We got a Jem boys. WE GOT A JEM.
Michael White
Michael White 11 days ago
Ngl he looks 36 years old
Zakul Sesay
Zakul Sesay 11 days ago
Starting Linebacker Jeremiah, Smith, walker Backup linebacker Taiktaki, Wilson, Philip, Davis. NFL Good luck stopping them.. Then again imagine him being free safety while JJIII playing strong safety. I feel bad for Wideout an tight ends..
Derrick Seitzer
Derrick Seitzer 11 days ago
Welcome to Cleveland Let's go Dawgs!
Buk 11 days ago
Impressive young man, he speaks like.a 28yr old veteran
William Paul
William Paul 11 days ago
This Browns are on the move. Making smart moves. The whole (Team) is the sum of the parts working well together. Exciting times for the Browns. Keep the faith. This man know himself. Great pick.
Savannah O'Neill
Savannah O'Neill 11 days ago
🧡🤎🧡🤎🧡🤎🧡 Brownies Superbowl!! I can't wait to see him smack the crap out of Lamar stupid Jackson.
Wesley Johnson
Wesley Johnson 11 days ago
Hahahhhahahahhahahhahahaha browns are the most talented team in the league in the LEAGUE
Rave 11 days ago
We needed him. His ability bring down the ball carrier and change of direction stands out on tape.
Mr D
Mr D 11 days ago
Browns killing it in this draft. We are in for some fun times consistently. Amen!!!
Mr D
Mr D 11 days ago
Love the saying - all bite no bark!!
horse3357 11 days ago
I was hoping they would get him!!!! This Guy is legit and a thumper!!
Tiffany Ballard
Tiffany Ballard 11 days ago
So excited for JOK! Congrats to the Browns! He's a great pick! I lived next door to this guy for 10yrs. He's a hard worker and a very determined young man! Congrats again J! Peace & blessings to you!
Josh K
Josh K 11 days ago
Cleveland's over here just slowly becoming Pittsburgh while Pittsburgh is over there drafting like Cleveland lol. Love it.
Shooter Mcgrabbem
Shooter Mcgrabbem 11 days ago
After this interview, it's even clearer to me why the Browns did what they did.
Akhil Yirmeyahu
Akhil Yirmeyahu 11 days ago
Congratulations hebrew! JOK is a gamechanger from the LB position. Solid dude on and off the field. Defense looking Top 5 right now! 🔥🔥🔥
Pjotr 11 days ago
This dude is literally perfect
GM Kid Radja
GM Kid Radja 11 days ago
Wow! What a great guy! I thought he's a bromide.
ventrue 11 days ago
sign the linebacker that molded darius leonard now draft a linebacker extemely similar to darius leonard
Doug S Otto
Doug S Otto 11 days ago
Someone needs the bathroom! Ha Great pick! Go Browns!
UofFlaGators 11 days ago
This kid is really smart. Loves football and he’s good at it.
gv 11 days ago
WhiteSupremePizza 11 days ago
4:00. Great response to MKC. He’s going to fit right in. Go Browns !!!
keefey 10 days ago
Yeah. It won't take long for him to realize Mary Kay usually asks two questions during her turn and they're always loaded questions.
Jason Allen
Jason Allen 11 days ago
I went to bed before the second round started.. The first thing on my mind was I'll check the picks when I get up.. The one guy that was on the board that I was hoping the Browns would get was this dude!!! THEY GOT'EEEM!!!! 😂 So happy with both picks, Newsome and JOK will be difference makers from the jump!
Duzzit Matter
Duzzit Matter 11 days ago
Asking a true defensive baller what’s your favorite thing to do? JOK: causing pain.
Tracy Funk
Tracy Funk 10 days ago
Chris Burgess
Chris Burgess 11 days ago
What a great attitude and mind set! He knows he was 💯 first round talent, but to hear his mind set and looking forward not in past at draft is amazing. Let's go Browns! 💪🏈🏆
ItzMeJDot 11 days ago
Aye our browns are lookin scary just a little more growing for our young guys and we gonna be hard to beat
ah-in-nist sipes
ah-in-nist sipes 11 days ago
Start running that 3-4 or 425
Gabriel - Content Writer
Gabriel - Content Writer 11 days ago
God bless Jeremiah and welcome to the Dawg Pound! This dude will be a beast. The defensive makeover is complete. A top 5 defense is a realistic possibility for next year.
Barry Coffing
Barry Coffing 11 days ago
Love him!!!
SeXy Keen
SeXy Keen 11 days ago
We FINALLY have a guy to cover TRAVIS KELCE
SGTquig 9 days ago
A guy that can track and meet Lamar at the line of scrimmage.
Wildan Ananda Nugraha
Wildan Ananda Nugraha 11 days ago
I have a feeling he gonna be a type of hybrid lb/s like kam chancellor or troy polamalu
Smee 11 days ago
I was hoping he’d be there at 26 like bruh what has happened this is the best timeline
Mark Bowman
Mark Bowman 11 days ago
He called Mary K "sir" hahahaha...kudos
shldnfr 11 days ago
I like him already!
Exotic Jobi-wan
Exotic Jobi-wan 11 days ago
As a Notre Dame fan I was like damn last big Notre Dame player drafted by the Browns was Brady Quinn and he was a bust but J.O.K won’t be
Gavin 11 days ago
Actually is was Deshone Kizer lol but I dont blame you for forgetting that one
Exotic Jobi-wan
Exotic Jobi-wan 11 days ago
He should have been a 1st rounder
The Duke
The Duke 11 days ago
Does anybody doubt Andrew Berry now?
Brandon Lowman
Brandon Lowman 11 days ago
Walker is gonna turn him into Darius Leonard 2.0. I can’t believe teams didn’t see a role for him when Leonard is dominating in his role right now
Brandon Lowman
Brandon Lowman 9 days ago
@Sam Young Thank you for validating my comment nobody on Twitter showed it any love :) but yeah, they’re playing chess. Good prospects and the vets to show them the way at every position.
Sam Young
Sam Young 9 days ago
I didn't even think of that ! Thats right, Darius Leonard had a similar draft eval and was teamates with Anthony . Now look at dude. ROTY and one of the best LBS in the game. Berry and Kevin playing Chess!!!
Guts 11 days ago
tommy estepp
tommy estepp 11 days ago
Yes Sir!!! I have been pounding the table last 2 days for us to get him. Also done research on all top Def prospects..He’s My fav Def player in the 2021 Draft by far.... Has it all,Sky the Limit for this young man.. Our Brown’s are Lucky to have him.. Plays with so much heart/hustle. Unmatched!!! Go Brown’s
Jim 11 days ago
J M 11 days ago
a really well spoken man to go along with the immense talent. welcome to the land!
Nathaniel Bowler
Nathaniel Bowler 11 days ago
I love how high he is. Great pick!
Mark Raines
Mark Raines 11 days ago
Glory be to GOD...yes...he will do
Garbanzo Beans
Garbanzo Beans 11 days ago
"I'M IN AN INTERVIEW! PLEASE!" Family is just too excited.
2014Alm 11 days ago
I actually laughed when that happened haha
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones 11 days ago
With The pick of JOK the Browns are more than a Superbowl Contender, the Browns are a POWERHOUSE.🐾
N. Mack
N. Mack 8 days ago
@TROY KOZLOWSKI THE Clevelander Till my dieing day listen I'm not a Steelers fan either but I'm not going to count them out. They've had a great track record for the most part over the last 20 years. It really all comes down to roethlisberger. If he's healthy they're a threat.
Youtube Guy
Youtube Guy 8 days ago
@N. Mack Only the Bills, and Chiefs will be able to consistently compete with the Browns in the AFC.
TROY KOZLOWSKI THE Clevelander Till my dieing day
TROY KOZLOWSKI THE Clevelander Till my dieing day 8 days ago
@N. Mack they will and i wouldn't put Steelers in there SHITSBURG lucky to win 7 games this year
TROY KOZLOWSKI THE Clevelander Till my dieing day
TROY KOZLOWSKI THE Clevelander Till my dieing day 8 days ago
@USposts Guy nah they bout to fall off trust me
N. Mack
N. Mack 8 days ago
I think this is a playoff-caliber team for the next few years. However, they have to get through the Cheifs, Bills, Steelers, and Titans if they want a real shot at a ring.
2020 Joker
2020 Joker 11 days ago
Who's knocking like the 🚔 at the 🚪😅
Rat Attack1
Rat Attack1 11 days ago
The two dislikes are steeler fans
selig7 11 days ago
Nope... One is from a ravens fan.
Allda Smoke
Allda Smoke 11 days ago
Cleveland Browns fans need to realize that the Cleveland Browns front office doesn’t care if you don’t like or like this pick . They are the ones making the Evaluation. And did the proper homework on these players. You guys just go off highlights and draft mocks . If a franchise chose whoever you want all the time it wouldn’t lose credibility as a front office it’s not always about pleasing the fans it’s about choosing the right players for the franchise but these are amazing pics shout out to Andrew Barry and Kevin Stefanski these pics are very very very really great picks
Allda Smoke
Allda Smoke 10 days ago
@Mahbows You’re trying to relieve your emotional response with smart ass tactics when you’re making yourself look more emotional no one made you respond to my comment you did that on your own which means something I’m saying is true‼️‼️‼️
Mahbows 10 days ago
@Allda Smoke This comment summarized: - Fan accuses another of an emotional and quick response with an emotional and quick response. Bold tactic. - Fan accuses another of poorly comprehending a comment by fan fraught with grammatical errors. Bold tactic.
Allda Smoke
Allda Smoke 11 days ago
@Mahbows in case you didn’t comprehend because you’re so emotional and quick to respond to what I said and you’re in your feelings about what I said here’s a recap of what you didn’t comprehend. I specifically said that fans are not going to always get what they want Cleveland sports fans over analyze everything and over critique everybody who come to you in the front office is not going to answer to fans of who they want based of highlights on USposts and draft mocks . Now if you can’t comprehend that you need to practice reading and comprehension
Mahbows 11 days ago
This comment summarized: - "Fans' opinions don't matter" - Fan shares opinion.
fazecodfan !
fazecodfan ! 11 days ago
Mary kay always ask the dumb questions
parkside motel
parkside motel 11 days ago
Agree... but Marla Ridenour is even worse.
fazecodfan !
fazecodfan ! 11 days ago
How did he drop so far
Richard Clark
Richard Clark 11 days ago
Welcome to the Land!°
Stephen Boyle
Stephen Boyle 11 days ago
Fucking love him already
Demynnga Shepherd
Demynnga Shepherd 11 days ago
I really can't wait for the season to start, awesome draft so far I wanted this man on are team...let's go BROWNS!
Joe Fox
Joe Fox 11 days ago
He is a weapon. Not just a LB.
D.N.A DatNiccAleXXX
D.N.A DatNiccAleXXX 8 days ago
You can have Wilson Phillips takitaki walker or smith with him at playing safety at times that’s how versatile he is
RockDrillSuite 11 days ago
You’re right, his highlights show some wicked hits that make me cringe. I’m so excited we got him because I thought for sure he’d be gone. Just awesome.
Kyle Duffield
Kyle Duffield 11 days ago
JOK baby
Tim Horton
Tim Horton 11 days ago
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